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Mark Lettieri Releases New Album, 'Can I Tell You Something?'

Mark Lettieri’s new album, Can I Tell You Something?, is out now! This record is his latest exploration into the world of instrumental music, blending elements of jazz, funk, rock, and soul to create a sound that is distinctly his own. The 10 tracks feature his trademark intricate guitar work, infectious funk, and a range of dynamic compositions that highlight his versatility and creativity.

Stream the album, watch the “Time After Time” music video, and more here!

Posted 07/19/2024

Becca Stevens Releases New Single, “I’m Not Her”

“I'm Not Her" delves into the inward journey that grapples with ego struggles triggered by the murky world of social media. Becca Stevens reflects on the contrast between her self-identity and the curated personas of popular erotic influencers.
Click Here to stream!

Posted 07/12/2024

Justin Stanton and Chris Bullock Release New Album, 'Claro e Escuro'

Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton have extensive experience together onstage as well as in the studio, collaborating with artists as diverse as David Crosby, Michael McDonald, Lalah Hathaway, Kirk Franklin, Laura Mvula, Salif Keita, Chris Thile, Charlie Hunter, and the Metropole Orkest. Their first true collaboration together as a duo, Claro e Escuro (Light and Dark), was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in the spring of 2023 and showcased not only Justin and Chris’s kinship at the production helm, but also put on display the artistry of several young and gifted musicians in the vanguard of the Rio scene.

Click Here to stream!

Posted 087/12/2024

Lucy Woodward Releases New Album, 'Lucy Woodward & The Rocketeers'

Lucy Woodward’s new album, Lucy Woodward & The Rocketeers, features her bespoke 18-person jazz collective, inspired by American composers such as Nina Simone and Billy Strayhorn, with dynamic arrangements explicitly written to match Lucy’s passionate vocal manner, color, and timbre; the songs range from high-energy explosions to hauntingly intimate meditations. Listen to the album on all streaming platforms.

Posted 07/05/2024

Söndörgö Releases New Album, 'Gyezz' with Chris Potter

Söndörgö’s new album, Gyezz, is out now! Amid global turmoil, the band emerged stronger, turning challenges into triumphs and creating music that became a beacon of hope. In less than 24 hours in Budapest, they captured their musical synergy, featuring a special guest appearance by the legendary Chris Potter. Their new album, a testament to resilience and creativity, showcases the transformative power of music. It offers solace and inspiration to all who listen. The band thanks Chris Potter for his incredible contribution and their listeners for joining them on this journey. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Posted 07/01/2024

Mark Lettieri Releases New Single and Music Video, “Shimmy Tiger”

Mark Lettieri’s new single, “Shimmy Tiger" is probably the closest thing to a pop song the artist has ever written, even though it’s a six-minute instrumental. The title comes from a little dance his daughter used to do when she was around three years old, which she called the Shimmy Tiger. This track blends 80’s guitar rock and fusion with a touch of Prince’s influence, reflecting much of the artist's creative style.

Listen now on all streaming platforms! 

Posted 06/24/24

Chris Bullock & Justin Stanton Release New Single, “Macuna”

Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton have released their new single “Macuna” — a heartfelt ode to the neighborhood of Botafogo, inspired by the late nights on the streets, decompressing after late-night studio sessions. One club in particular lends its name to this song - Macuna is a hub for showcasing the spirit and vibrancy of Carioca music culture, allowing them to play with several young and gifted musicians from Rio performing on this record. This song masterfully captures the spirit and energy of the lively city.

Listen now on all streaming platforms!

Posted 06/14/2024

Becca Stevens Releases New Single, "Now Feels Bigger than the Past"

Get ready to be captivated by Becca Stevens' latest single, “Now Feels Bigger than the Past." This track takes us on a heartfelt journey, reflecting on impermanence and the power of forgiveness, all while navigating the ups and downs of being an artist in the streaming era. As a sneak peek into her upcoming acoustic album, Maple to Paper, Stevens masterfully explores themes of loss, acceptance, and raw, emotional authenticity.

Listen now on all streaming platforms!

Posted 06/14/2024

Tatiana Eva-Marie Releases New Album, 'Djangology'

Tatiana Eva-Marie's new album, Djangology, reimagines Django Reinhardt's music with her lyrics. Growing up in jazz Manouche circles, Tatiana found fitting in as a singer among guitarists challenging. She wrote her lyrics to participate in the Django repertoire, reinventing his music. Djangology focuses on Django as a composer, asking, “What if Django had composed his music for me to sing?” Her lyrics, in English, French, Romanian, and Rromanes, are a tribute to Django and a love letter to Paris, blending humor, poetry, and personal reflections. Listen now on all streaming platforms!

Posted 06/07/24

Lucy Woodward Releases New Single "Love Me Tender"

Lucy Woodward & The Rocketeers recorded their cover of Elvis Presley's classic “Love Me Tender" in one take. It was the only way to ensure that the blend of the reed instruments and Lucy’s voice could meld into one breathing organism. "We performed this in one room," Lucy said, "to be able to connect to each other’s air and feel. Almost like we had recorded it in one single breath, and that was beautiful to experience."

Posted 05/31/2024

Snarky Puppy Release 'Sylva (Remixed & Remastered)

Snarky Puppy, along with the Metropole Orkest, have re-released their acclaimed album, Sylva, re-mixed by Nic Hard and re-mastered by Dave McNair, along with a new 12" vinyl edition featuring updated artwork. Two additional alternate takes of “The Clearing” & “The Curtain." Originally released by Impulse!, this re-release celebrates GroundUP Music reclaiming the original masters. This marks Snarky Puppy's first release since their 2022 GRAMMY-winning album Empire Central.

Posted 05/24/2024

Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton Release Music Video for “Botafogo Bop”

Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton have released an exciting music video for their new single, “Botafogo Bop.” Inspired by Chris’s time in Rio’s Botafogo neighborhood in 2023, the song captures the area’s vibrant nightlife, diverse restaurants, and unique vibe. 

Stream "Botafogo Bop" here and the music video here!

Posted 05/23/24

Varijashree Venugopal Releases Debut Album, 'Vari'

Varijashree Venugopal’s debut solo album, Vari, is out now! This is her original music album, produced by Grammy Award-winning artist Michael League. This album is an enriching exploration of the global soundscape, where Indian classical music meets a diverse array of musical traditions, all brought together by the rhythmic tapestry of Indian percussion. It is a sonic journey with a singular mission: to unite cultures through the universal language of music. 

Posted 05/10/2024

Söndörgö Releases New Single, “Spoon,” With Chris Potter

Söndörgö’s new single “Spoon” featuring Chris Potter is now available on all streaming platforms! A bit Balkan and a bit jazz. The melodies of “Spoon” were heard by the legendary saxophone king from Sutka, Ferus Mustafov, during one of our jam sessions. But in this composition, it transformed, sometimes grotesque, sometimes jazzy, but rather Gyezz-like.

Stream "Spoon" here, and watch the music video here!

Posted 04/26/24

Snarky Puppy Announces Re-Release of 'Sylva' and Alternate Take of "The Curtain"

The Alternate Take of Snarky Puppy’s song “The Curtain” is out now, along with the full live video on YouTube!

The single is taken from the re-release of their 2015 album, Sylva, coming next month, both digitally and with a new 12” vinyl! The re-release will include the 6 original tracks, remixed and remastered, along with alternate takes of “The Curtain” and “The Clearing.”  This re-release comes upon the reclamation by GroundUP Music of the original masters and is a celebration of independent music!

Stream/watch the first alternate take here and pre-save the album here.

Posted 04/19/24

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release New Album, "GUINGA"

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini’s new album Guinga is out on now! This album is a collaboration with prolific Brazilian guitarist, Guinga — from his old releases to new releases, focusing on a more lyrical approach. A few of the songs are attributed to Duke Ellington and inspired by Brazilian music that came from the Bay Area. Listen on all streaming platforms!

Posted 04/12/2024

Welcome Söndörgö to GroundUP

We are so excited to welcome Söndörgö to the GroundUP Roster! The primordial nature of traditional music, the sophistication of classical compositions, the energies of rock music, and the purity of Bartók's thinking characterize the Hungarian band Söndörgő, one of the most exciting, innovative, and successful bands on the international world music scene.

Posted 04/05/24

Welcome Tatiana to GroundUP

We are so excited to welcome @tatianaevamarie to the GroundUP Roster! Nicknamed the “Gypsy-jazz Warbler” by the @nytimes, Tatiana Eva-Marie is a transatlantic bandleader, singer, author, and actress based in Brooklyn. She is known for singing popular French music derived from the Django tradition, which includes Balkan Gypsy and folk influences.
Her new single will be out on April 5th!

Posted 03/29/22

Varijashree Venugopal's New Single and Video, 'Dream,' is Out Now!

Varijashree Venugopal’s new single, “Dream,” is out now! The song's inspiration comes from Vari’s dream of floating and feeling like there was nowhere to go and no clue where she was. The delicacy of being in such a vulnerable state of mind, longing for something she lost along the way. However, her sense of receiving and giving the love she had known since childhood pushed her to keep going. Pure, doubtless, and open.

Posted 03/22/2024

Taylor Eigsti’s New Album, 'Plot Armor,' is Out Now!

Taylor Eigsti's new album “Plot Armor” is out now! Eigsti envisioned this album to connect to people from all different walks of life and to connect them with nature, chaos, and suspense within his own way of storytelling. Don’t miss this grand album.

Posted 03/01/2024

Oran Etkin Releases New Album, 'Open Arms'

Oran Etkin's new album, Open Arms, is out now! Recorded as Etkin toured in Brazil, Zimbabwe, US, Canada, Czech Republic and Turkey, the album features on-location collaborations with musicians in each country as well as well as innovative use of sampling and electronics to improvisationally deconstruct these field recordings in an interconnected web spun by Etkin’s live band. This fresh combination of deeply traditional sounds with forward looking improvisations and electronics tells a spellbinding story of an opening and connected world, rooted in its cultures yet intent on forging a new path forward. Listen to the album on all streaming platforms.

Posted 01/12/2024

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release New Holiday EP!

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini have released a new holiday EP, An Old Fashioned Christmas! Featuring re-imagined versions of 4 classic Christmas tunes, the EP is sprinkled with musical easter eggs throughout their arrangements. The EP is available now on all streaming platforms here

Posted 12/8/2023

House of Waters Earn Their First GRAMMY Nomination!

GroundUP Music is proud to congratulate House of Waters on their GRAMMY nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album! 

Posted 11/10/2023

Brock, Lanzetti, Ogawa Release Debut Album, 'Drawing Songs'

Drawing Songs, the debut album from Brock, Lanzetti, Ogawa is out now! It contains six original compositions of which each member contributed two. The music moves through a variety of styles and influences, from folk to modern jazz, ambient to groove, and experimental to pop, while emphasizing compositions that feature improvisation. The end result is an eclectic musical statement colored by each band member’s personal approach yet unified by an uncanny simpatico forged during their many years together on the road with Snarky Puppy.

Listen to the full album and watch the new music video!

Posted 11/10/2023

Posted recently

GroundUP Music Festival Announces 2023 Lineup

Performing all three nights is five-time GRAMMY award-winning musical collective Snarky Puppy, delivering full length sets each night along with a very special Family Dinner Set (with guest vocalists TBA) & Experience to kick off the weekend. Joining us at the Miami Beach Bandshell is an array of international stars, including Cuban legends Los Muñequitos de Matanzas and Grupo Afrocuba De Matanzas, multi-instrumentalist Nate Wood, Fado-extraordinaire Gisela João, rising star Kinga Głyk and many more incredible artists.

We can’t wait to see you under the palm trees February 2-4, 2024! 

Posted 10/17/2023

Chris Bullock Releases Sophomore Album, 'Radio Child'

Chris Bullock's new album, Radio Child, is out now! This is a collection of songs that began to come together in the depths of 2020, featuring contributions from Frank Locrasto, Justin Stanton, Keita Ogawa, and more. Watch the music video for the first single, "So High," here and stream the full album on your platform of choice here.

Posted 10/13/2023

GroundUP Music Presents Our Releases for GRAMMY Consideration

GroundUP Music is proud to present our releases for your consideration at the 66th annual GRAMMY Awards.

Posted 10/12/2023

Lee Pardini Releases Sophomore Album, 'August Scorched Earth'

Lee Pardini's new album, August Scorched Earth, is out now! The leading track of the same name was written in August of 2020, inspired by the building tension across the country around the pandemic, racial issues, overall political unrest, and deteriorating relationships. Watch the music video and stream the full album now.

Posted 09/15/2023

House of Waters Releases New Album, 'On Becoming'

House of Waters’ new album, On Becoming, is out now! This record defies musical boundaries, blending many genres to create an astonishingly unique sound. We have also released a video for “The Wall,” which is a tremendous display of virtuosity and features vocalist, Priya Darshini. Check out this tune and the rest of the album here.

Posted 09/08/2023

Mark Lettieri Releases New Live Album 'Out by Midnight: Live at the Iridium'

Mark Lettieri’s new live album ‘Out By Midnight: Live at the Iridium’ just dropped and it’s a guitar masterclass; there’s a song for every type of guitar-lover on this album. Go check it out here.  

Posted 08/25/2023

Lee Pardini Releases New Single & Video, "Day Glow"

Lee Pardini’s soulful and mysterious single “Day Glow” just dropped on all streaming platforms along with a music video on YouTube. This tune is the third single off of his upcoming album August Scorched Earth which drops next month. Listen here!

Posted 08/18/2023

Snarky Puppy ‘Empire Central’ Album Blu-Ray Available for Pre-Order

We’re thrilled to announce the Blu-ray release of Snarky Puppy’s GRAMMY-winning album, Empire Central, available now for pre-order. The Blu-ray includes the Dolby Atmos mixes, not available anywhere else.

As a thank you to our incredible GroundUP community, we’re happy to offer the Blu-ray through our own store before it hits the regular retailers. For fans attending Snarky Puppy’s upcoming fall tour,  the Blu-ray will be available to purchase at the merch booth.

Posted 8/4/2023

Fuensanta releases new EP, 'Principio Del Fuego'

Fuensanta's new EP, 'Principio Del Fuego' is out now! In this record, you'll notice her unique sound; a blend of Latin rhythms, jazz, and soul, creating a truly captivating listening experience. Stream the new EP here.

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The Funky Knuckles' new album 'The Way It Is' is out now!

The wait is finally over! The Funky Knuckles' spectacularly funky new album, 'The Way It Is,' is officially out now, along with a music video for their track "Back Meetings." Watch all the music videos and stream the full album here

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Yayennings releases second studio album, 'Yayennings Vol. 2'

Yayennings new album 'Yayennings Vol. 2' is out now! The record was written in 2020 and recorded in 2021. Through these new compositions, Yay has attempted to capture how his perception of the world has changed since the pandemic.The album incorporates new energy and ferocity into the music, featuring a fresh balance between east and west-coast jazz styles. Listen now.

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Multi-instrumentalist Nate Wood releases new album!

Nate Wood's new album, ‘fOUR - Step Aside,’ is out now! Not only did Nate play every instrument on this album simultaneously, every track was recorded in one take, without any overdubs, click-track, or pre-recorded backing tracks. The album was produced, mixed, and engineered by Nate as well. Stream the album and watch the performance videos here.

Posted 04/16/2023

Snarky Puppy Wins Grammy For 'Empire Central'

We’re incredibly proud of Snarky Puppy and their 2023 Grammy-winning album, 'Empire Central.’ This album pays homage to the band’s Texas roots and it is truly special to celebrate this win with Snarky Puppy and the whole GUM family. This one's for Bernard Wright.

Posted 2023-02-10

Nate Wood Releases New Single "Addendum"

Nate Wood's new single, "Addendum," is out now with a live video! This song was inspired by his last single, using the same four chords as in "It's Enough." Check it out at the link in our bio and see if you can hear the likeness.

Posted 2023-01-26

Snarky Puppy Releases Live Video for "Pineapple"

To celebrate the start of the Grammy voting period, Snarky Puppy is excited to debut the live-in-studio performance video of “Pineapple” from their 2023 Grammy-nominated album, Empire Central.

The song’s co-writer and Snarky Puppy trumpet/flugelhorn player Mike 'Maz' Maher notes that the single is “an upbeat dance track" and uses ferocious improvisations to keep the song moving without departing from its fun danceability. You can watch the video by following this link.

Posted 12/16/22

David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band Release 'Live At The Capitol Theatre' Album

Live At The Capitol Theatre David Crosby's first live album featuring our very own Michael League, Becca Stevens, and Michelle Willis is out now.  
Recorded and filmed at the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, this very special live performance acts as a celebration of sorts as it spotlights the kindred relationship Crosby shares with League, Stevens, and Willis.  

Posted 12/16/22

PureMix Releases Final Episode of Series with Snarky Puppy & Engineer, Nic Hard

In Part 2 of this series, we saw the process behind the stereo mixing of Snarky Puppy's new record, Empire Central. Now, in Part 3, we get to see the Dolby Atmos mixing for a listener sound experience that is unmatched.
Exclusively available on

Posted 12/16/22

GroundUP Music Is Proud To Congratulate 2023 GRAMMY-Nominated Artists

GroundUP Music is proud to congratulate 2023 GRAMMY-nominated artists Snarky Puppy, Becca Stevens and Attacca Quartet.

Posted 11/21/22

Malika Tirolien Releases New Arrangement of "DREAMIN'"

After releasing the original nearly 2 years ago, Malika Tirolien revisited her song  "DREAMIN'" with a new arrangement by friend and artist  Sirintip. The song and live video are available now! 

Posted 11/19/22

Snarky Puppy Releases Limited Podcast Series, 'Transmissions From Deep Ellum'

Snarky Puppy's limited podcast series, Transmissions from Deep Ellum, is now available on all podcast platforms! Learn more about the writing process behind their new album, Empire Central, and get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes. Brought to you by Osiris Media and WBGO.

Posted 11/19/22

The Funky Knuckles Announce November European Tour Dates

Posted 11/19/22

Mark Lettieri Releases New EP, 'Fly Through It'

Mark Lettieri’s new EP,  Fly Through It is a brief collection of rustic, rootsy, organic compositions featuring a classic “power” trio format of guitar, bass, and drums - except the “power” is found in restraint. Lettieri has written all sorts of mellow solo guitar chord melodies and grooves throughout the years and decided to adapt a few of them to a rhythm section by enlisting Jason “JT” Thomas (drums) and Wes Stephenson (bass). They recorded everything on the EP live in one afternoon, with no overdubs, and the amps and drums in the same room. The full video of the recording for the lead track,  “Chucks & Pearl Snaps” is out now along with the full 4-track EP

Posted 11/04/22

PureMix Releases Part 2 of New Series with Snarky Puppy & Nic Hard

In Part 1 of this series, we saw the massive tracking setup for recording Snarky Puppy's new record,  Empire Central. Now, in Part 2, we get to see Nic Hard &  Michael League do the stereo mix of the song  "Coney Bear," analyzing mic bleed, sound-sculpting, mic choices, and much more! 
Exclusively available on

Posted 11/04/22

Nate Wood Releases New Single & Video, "It's Enough"

Nate Wood has released a new single and live video, "It's Enough." This is the second single off of his upcoming album,  Step Aside, which will be released early next year under his project  fOUR. All of the songs are recorded live in one pass with no overdubs, click track or pre-recorded backing tracks. Listen to the new single below! 

Catch Nate Wood opening up for Snarky Puppy in Aalborg, Oslo, and Stockholm next week!

Posted 10/28/22

Snarky Puppy Releases Live Video for “RL’s”

Snarky Puppy's new album  Empire Central is a love letter to Dallas and pays homage to the band's early years in the city. It felt like a crime to make a record dedicated to Texas without a Texas shuffle, so  Michael League wrote "RL's" with Snarky Puppy drummer, Jason "J.T." Thomas, in mind, which alternates between typical blues/shuffle elements and variations. The full live-in-studio video of “RL’s” is available now.

Posted 10/22

Malika Tirolien Releases New Single “BETTER (arr. Emawk)"

"”BETTER (arr. Emawk)” is the feeling of complete bliss once you choose to love yourself unapologetically." - Malika Tirolien
After releasing the original a year and a half ago, Malika revisited the song with a new arrangement by friend and artist Emawk. The song and live video are available now.

Posted 10/22

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release "Afoxé Pra Oxum" Live Performance Video

Natalie Cressman and  Ian Faquini have released a new live performance video for  “Afoxé pra Oxum," a song honoring  Oxum, the Orisha/goddess of rivers, waterfalls, and fresh water, and a symbol of fertility, beauty, and wealth in the Afro-Brazilian religion candomblé. 
This song is from their latest album together,  Auburn Whisper, which we are proudly presenting For Your Consideration as the  Best Latin Jazz Album at the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Posted 10/22

GroundUP Music Festival Announces 2023 Lineup

We’re excited to share the incredibly diverse lineup for the 2023 edition of GroundUP Music Festival, including Meshell NDegeocello, Madison Cunningham, Jeff Tweedy, Silvana Estrada, Lizz Wright, 3 nights of SnarkyPuppy, and more. Join us February 3-5, 2023 in Miami Beach, FL. Tickets are on sale now.

Posted 10/22

GroundUP Music Releases For Your Consideration

To the voting members of the Recording Academy, GroundUP Music is proud to present our releases for your considerations. Listen to the releases here.

Posted 10/14

Mirrors Releases “Sleep" Live Video with Snarky Puppy

In May, Louis Cato joined Snarky Puppy at GroundUP Music Festival to perform "Sleep," a song written by Louis and Michael League for Mirrors. It was a really magical celebration of musical collaboration as the musicians played together on the festival stage.

Watch the full performance!

Posted 10/14

PureMix Releases Part 1 of New Series with Snarky Puppy & Nic Hard

PureMix joined the Snarky Puppy crew during the Empire Central live sessions to document the process of recording a 19-person band on 128 inputs with a live-in-studio audience. In this exclusive, you’ll experience Snarky Puppy, their engineer Nic Hard, and his team of audio masters as they go from the Dallas recording room, to Spain for the stereo mixing sessions, and finally to New York City for the Dolby Atmos mixing sessions. Watch the first part now, and stay tuned for parts 2, 3 and 4 to be released in the coming weeks. 

Posted 10/07

House of Waters Announces October 13th Toronto Show With Larnell Lewis

House of Waters will be joined by Larnell Lewis (of Snarky Puppy) for their upcoming show at Jazz Bistro in Toronto on Thursday October 13th! There will be two sets at 8pm and 10pm (buy tickets).

Posted 10/07

ICYMI: Snarky Puppy Releases Empire Central Extended Trailer

Empire Central is a love letter to Texas, where Snarky Puppy began. Watch the full 10-minute album trailer to hear insight from the band and crew about the preparation and process of recording their new album. 

Posted 10/07

2022 Latin GRAMMY Voting Closes October 13

GroundUP Music is proud to present Latin GRAMMY-nominated artist C4 Trio for Best Instrumental Album. 

Back to 4 is a journey to elemental number 4: 4 limbs, 4 creators. It is the cuatro, that kind of little 4-string guitar present in the vast majority of traditional Venezuelan rhythms, taken to the maximum of its expressive possibilities. Listen to the record below. 

We also congratulate Snarky Puppy bandleader and GroundUP founder, Michael League, for his involvement in Latin GRAMMY-nominated releases from Susanna Baca and Hamilton de Holanda

Posted 10/07

Snarky Puppy Embark on Fall European Tour

Snarky Puppy is back on the road, touring their new album,  Empire Central, around Europe over the next few weeks. Joining them are GroundUP artists: Michelle Willis, Malika Tirolien, and Nate Wood. Catch the Empire Central Tour in a city near you!

Posted 10/07

Snarky Puppy Releases New 16-Track Album, 'Empire Central'

Snarky Puppy's new live-in-studio album, Empire Central, is out now! This record is a result of 8 nights of recording at Deep Ellum Art Co. in Dallas, Texas in March of this year, with 19 band members, nearly 2 dozen crew members, and a very special sit-in from the late Bernard Wright. Alongside the album release is a video for the lead track, "Take It! feat. Bernard Wright"which is available now on our YouTube channel. Listen to the full 16-track album on the streaming platform of your choice! 

Posted 09/30

Snarky Puppy Partners with Fuel City To Celebrate Album Release

Snarky Puppy is excited to partner with Dallas-Fort Worth based company, Fuel City, to share their love of good food and good people. For those of you in the DFW metroplex, drop by your local Fuel City location today, September 30th, and grab a taco to celebrate the release of Empire Central!

Posted 09/30

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio Announce Show at The Sultan Room in NYC on October 12th

To celebrate their album's first anniversary, Becca Stevens and The Secret Trio are playing at the Sultan Room in NYC on October 12th! 

Posted 09/30

Michelle Willis Releases Music Video for "Till the Weight Lifts"

Michelle Willis has released the official music video for her single "Till The Weight Lifts (feat. Grégoire Maret)" from her latest album 'Just One Voice'. You can listen to the album or watch the music video now!

Posted 09/27

C4 Trío Receives Latin GRAMMY-Nomination

GroundUP Music is proud to present C4 Trío's 'Back to 4,' nominated for Best Instrumental Album at the 23rd annual Latin GRAMMY Awards

'Back to 4' is a journey to elemental number 4: 4 limbs, 4 creators. It is the cuatro, that little 4-string guitar present in the vast majority of traditional Venezuelan rhythms, taken to the maximum of its expressive possibilities. Listen to the record here.

Posted 09/27

Malika Tirolien Releases New Arrangement for "GROW"

"GROW" is a reminder to enjoy the process wherever you may be in your life and do the best you can with what you can control.

After releasing the original a year and a half ago, Malika revisited the song with a new arrangement by friend and artist Georgia Anne Muldrow, along with a full live performance video.

Posted 09/27

Nate Wood - fOUR Releases New Single "No!"

Nate Wood- fOUR releases “No",” the first single from his upcoming album, fOUR Step Aside. "No!" encapsulates just about everything that fOUR is about. It’s incredibly hard to perform and record, and since it’s all performed live in one take with no pre-recorded backing tracks, it’s different every time I play it!” - Nate Wood. 

Watch the video and stream the single!

Posted 9/16/2022

Malika Tirolien Releases New Arrangement for "CHANGE YOUR LIFE"

“CHANGE YOUR LIFE” is a song about the HIGHER SELF trying to take over and showing that true compassion and empathy is embedded inside the heart; it's a question of letting it take the lead.

After releasing the original a year and a half ago, Malika revisited the song with a new arrangement by friend and artist Michael Mayo, along with a full live performance video.

Posted 9/16/2022

Snarky Puppy Releases Third Single & Video, "Belmont"

"Belmont," the third single from Snarky Puppy's upcoming album, 'Empire Central' is out now! Written by Michael League, “Belmont” refers to the name of the street on which he lived during his years in Dallas, located blocks away from the Bernard Wright Trio’s Monday night residency at Gezellig. The single represents what was a very special moment in the band’s history. Watch the live in-studio recording, stream the single, and pre-order the album!

Posted 9/16/2022

Snarky Puppy Releases Second Single & Video, "Bet"

Snarky Puppy releases "Bet," the second single form their upcoming album, Empire Central. 
Written by Michael League, "Bet" is dedicated to RC Williams (musical director for Erykah Badu and bandleader of RC & Tha Gritz). The song moves through a mixture of styles including church, soul, and even Brazilian Funk. Listen to the track and watch the live in-studio recording!

Posted 7/29/2022

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release Music Video for "Curandeiro"

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini have released a music video for their song "Curandeiro." 

The lyrics speak of the myriad ways in which Curandeiro (or "The Healer") cures: with the forest, the ocean, the sky, his pain, his faith, the meat of the caju fruit, tabaco, cachaça, as well as indigenous herbs and medicines. Watch the full music video and listen to the full album!

Posted 7/29/2022

Lee Pardini Releases EP, 'Leon Keys'

Lee Pardini releases his second body of work, an EP titled Leon Keys that mixes the improvisational quality of jazz with tightly arranged grooves. Leon Keys features Theo Katzman, Joe Dart and Sam RyderListen to the EP and watch the music video!

Posted 7/14/2022

House of Waters Releases Music Video for "Breath"

Inspired by the social changes over the past few years, House of Waters' "Breath" aims to guide the listener into a meditative state of reflection eventually landing into a hope-filled and communicative new world. Watch the music video here!

Posted 7/14/2022

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release Music Video for "Benção de Iansã"

"Benção de Iansã" is the fifth track from Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini's latest album Auburn Whisper. The title translates to the blessing of Iansá, the orixa/goddess of winds, storms, lightning, and fire. Watch the full music video here.

Posted 6/23/2022

Snarky Puppy Releases "Trinity," First Single from Upcoming Album

Snarky Puppy have released "Trinity," the first single from their upcoming album Empire Central. 

The Trinity River runs through the DFW Metroplex - its various forks and tributaries connect the cities of Fort Worth, Dallas, and Denton. These are locations where all the members of Snarky Puppy have either lived, studied, worked, or played. 

On the surface, “Trinity” is a song about Texas, but it’s much more than that. Listen and watch the live in-studio recording here!

Posted 6/10/2022

Zach Brock Releases New Album, 'Dirty Mindz'

Zach Brock's new album, Dirty Mindz, is out now, along with a live music video for the leading track, "The Last Song." Featuring Snarky Puppy members Mark Lettieri and Justin StantonEric Harland, and Jonathan Maron, the quintet subverts the expectations of what a violin should sound like through a musical voice that Brock has previously held back from expressing. 

Watch "The Last Song" Live at Sony Hall and listen to the album here!

Posted 6/03/2022

House of Waters Releases New EP, 'Where I Wander'

House of Waters releases Where I Wander, an EP "that came about during the struggles of these past years and the silver lining of creativity during out collective pause." - House of Waters

Featuring Richie Barshay on drums, the album is a collection of new and olds songs with improvisation and connections to the moment as its guiding principle. Listen here!

Posted 5/27/2022

Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet Release "Reminder" Live Performance Video

Becca Stevens - “I wrote this song for my album Perfect Animal (‘15). The lyrics and music were an attempt to capture emotional struggles and transitional anxiety in a positive light, and to see them as forces that strengthen you not just tear you down. This string arrangement was written by my big brother Bill. "Reminder" was always one of his favorite tracks on Perfect Animal. He did an incredible job of not only capturing key bits of orchestration and background vocals from the original recording, but also maintaining the angst and playfulness of the song.”

Watch Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet perform "Reminder" live, from their latest collaborative album. String arrangement by Bill Stevens. 

Posted 5/27/2022

C4 Trío Releases Album, 'Back to 4'

C4 Trío's new album, Back to 4, is out now! Produced by Michael League, Back to 4 is a journey to the elemental number 4: 4 limbs, 4 creators. It is the cuatro, that kind of little 4-string guitar present in the vast majority of traditional Venezuelan rhythms, taken to the maximum of its expressive possibilities. Loaded with new instrumental music, the seventh album of their catalog also represents the continuity of sonic exploration that began in 2005 in Caracas, Venezuela. Check out the album here!

Posted 5/20/2022

Michelle Willis Releases 'Just One Voice (Live)' EP

Michelle Willis' new EP, ‘Just One Voice (Live)’ is out now, along with a new live video for the eponymous title track! The EP is made up of 5 live versions of tracks from her ‘Just One Voice’ album released last month.

The videos were recorded at 918 Bathurst in Toronto for a live audience on October 5, 2019. Listen to the EP and watch the full video here.

Posted 5/13/2022

Zach Brock Releases New Single And Video, "Dirty Mindz"

Zach Brock's new single, "Dirty Mindz" is out now, along with a groovy music video! This is the first single off of his upcoming album of the same name. If you'll be at GroundUP Music Festival this weekend, make sure to catch his set on Sunday to get a preview of songs from the album! Stream and watch now at the links below. 

Posted 5/6/2022

GroundUP Music Festival Kicks Off Today in Miami Beach

From the Bandshell & Park stages to exclusive brunch performances, complimentary artist-led workshops, & late night sets at The Citadel, get ready for three days of nonstop music & good vibes at GroundUP Music Festival this weekend, May 6-8th in Miami Beach!

Limited tickets remain - hope to see you there! 

Posted 5/6/2022

C4 Trio Releases Live Video for New Single, "Coroticos"

C4 Trío's newest single "Coroticos" has recently been released along with a new live video. "Coroticos" is the last single from the group's upcoming album, Back to 4. Stream the song and watch the video at the links below!

Posted 5/6/2022

C4 Trío Releases New Single "Coroticos"

C4 Trío has released a new single, “Coroticos." This release comes from their upcoming album, Back to 4, which will be released on May 20, 2022. "Coroticos" is an original composition by Jorge Glem and produced by C4 Trío and Michael League. Coroticos is in the rhythm of Venezuelan merengue, one of the most special and complex genres of Venezuelan folk music. 

Posted 4/29/2022

Michelle Willis Releases New Live Video

This week, Michelle Willis released her latest live video for song "How Come," originally recorded with Michael McDonald from her latest album, 'Just One Voice.' We've released a collection of music videos and live videos from this record, all available to watch below.

Posted 4/29/2022

GroundUP Music Festival Announces Full Masterclass & Workshop Lineup

With just over a week to go, we're thrilled to share the full schedules for the GroundUP Festival Workshops & Masterclasses! GroundUP Festival is one of our favorite weekends of the year because of the special moments that are created during these activations. After a cancellation and a postponement, we know that these classes are going to be extra special. See you in Miami Beach, next weekend May 6-8! If you haven't snagged your tickets yet, make sure you do so before prices go up at the door.

Posted 4/29/2022

Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini's "Auburn Whisper" Named Jazz Album of the Day

The new album "Auburn Whisper" by Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini has received lots of attention. This past week, "Auburn Whisper" was named Album of the Day at JazzTimes. The review, written by Dan Bilawsky, details just how well these two work together. Click the link below to read the article. 

Posted 4/29/2022

C4 Trío Release New Single And Live Video "JGCUT"

C4 Trío have released a new instrumental single, “JGCUT," along with a live performance video. This release comes from their upcoming album, Back to 4, which will be released on May 20, 2022. "JGCUT" is an original composition by Jorge Glem with a very simple and catchy melody accompanied by a rhythm strongly influenced by reggae.

Posted 4/1/2022

Michelle Willis Releases Live Video of "Liberty"

Michelle Willis has released a new live video, with a special intro diddy that opens up into a rendition of “Liberty,” Michelle’s latest single. Watch the full video at the link below.  ‘Just One Voice’ will be released in entirety next Friday, April 8th, and is available for pre-order at the link below.

Posted 4/1/2022

Zach Brock & Malika Tirolien Join GroundUP Music Festival 2022 Lineup

With only five weeks to go until the 5th Annual GroundUP Music Festival, the countdown is on for oceanside jams, intimate performances, and days with your GroundUP crew in the sun and sand this May 6-8, 2022. As the dates draw nearer, brand new to the festival lineup are two more boundary-pushing, genre-defying artists ready to shake things up at GroundUP: electrifying singer-songwriter Malika Tirolien, and Grammy-award winning violinist and composer, Zach Brock. Grab your tickets before prices increase on April 6th, and stay tuned for some major festival updates coming next week.

Posted 4/1/2022

Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet Release 'For You The Night Is Still'

Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet have released, “For You The Night Is Still,” the second single from their upcoming collaborative, self-titled album. Watch the live performance video, stream the single, and pre-order the album below.

Becca Stevens - "This song is a setting of a poem by Jane Tyson Clement. When I first read this poem it brought me to tears. I pictured Jane at the end of her life looking back with bittersweet acceptance of the loss of someone very close to her, maybe her husband (Bob). I found out after I’d set the poem that Jane actually wrote this poem when she was in her early twenties, before she even met the man who she would eventually marry. To me this is one of the marks of great writing: when a body of text can mean different things to different people. The text can time travel, evolve, and live comfortably in the imagined world of every reader."

Posted 3/25/2022

GroundUP Music x Alamo Drafthouse Films And Soundtracks Available To Stream

Today, the scores of each film from our series with Alamo Drafthouse have been released on all streaming services, along with the films, which are available to watch via the Alamo on Demand platform, Apple or Amazon worldwide. The available films and scores are:
The Lost World (1925) scored by Sirintip
Waxworks scored by PRD Mais
Nosferatu scored by Bob Lanzetti
Aelita: Queen of Mars scored by Chris Bullock
Ménilmontant scored by House of Waters
Le Voyage Dans la Lune scored by House of Waters
Ballet Mécanique scored by House of Waters

Posted 3/25/2022

Mark Lettieri Heads to NYC This Weekend

At The Iridium this Saturday March 26th, come see The Mark Lettieri Group’sdebut NYC performance! This show is just ahead of the GRAMMYs next weekend, where Mark Lettieri's record, ‘Deep: The Baritone Sessions, Vol. 2,’ is nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. Come on out and show some love for our guy and his rockstar band, Jason Thomas, Wes Stephenson and Daniel Porter. Tickets are available at the link below. 

Posted 3/25/2022

Michelle Willis Announces Album Release Show at Joe’s Pub

In celebration of her forthcoming album "Just One Voice", Michelle Willis is playing a record release show in New York on March 31st at Joe’s Pub with surprise special guests. Stream the album and get show tickets at the links below. 

Posted 3/25/2022

Snarky Puppy Releases Never-Before-Heard Live Recordings from GroundUP Music Festival

With minimal touring the past two years and ahead of their highly anticipated live in-studio album, Snarky Puppy looks back at live renditions of some of their most popular songs with their new release, 'Live at GroundUP Music Festival.' Official recordings from their brainchild festival have never been available to the public - until now

Four live-recorded tracks from the festival founded and curated by bandleader, Michael League, the new release pulls one recording from each year of GroundUP Music Festival as we go into the 5th annual event in Miami Beach this May.

Watch a live video of “Binky (Live at GroundUP Music Festival, Friday 2018)”below and grab tickets to this year’s edition of GroundUP Music Festival, May 6-8.

Posted 3/13/2022

Michelle Willis Releases Live Video of "Trigger" with David Crosby

Michelle Willis has released a new live video of “Trigger,” featuring special guest David Crosby. Watch the full video and pre-order her upcoming album at the links below.

Posted 3/13/2022

Roosevelt Collier Releases 'Exit 16 (Revisited)' With 3 New Songs

In celebration of the 4 year anniversary of his EP ‘Exit 16’, Roosevelt Collier has released 3 new bonus tracks as a part of ‘Exit 16 (Revisited),' along with a video for one of the new songs, “Summer Rose.”

If you order the ‘Exit 16’ vinyl on our website, you will automatically receive a free download of ‘Exit 16 (Revisited).’ Listen to the new tracks and watch the full video at the link below. 

Posted 3/13/2022

GroundUP Music's Partnership with Alamo Drafthouse Continues

In case you missed it, we recently announced “GroundUP Music x Alamo Drafthouse:” a series of five classic silent films with new scores recorded by five unique artists from GroundUP Music. The series continues with our next premiere on Sunday, March 13th, at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the country, and will continue with new artist and film pairings for five weeks through mid-March. NYC premiere's will include a live Q&A (except where noted) and each film will be accompanied by a showing of a Snarky Puppy album documentary in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin. Check out the link below to grab tickets to a premiere near you.

March 13: Nosferatu scored by Bob Lanzetti / Sylva by Snarky Puppy 

March 20: Aelita: Queen of Mars scored by Chris Bullock / Family Dinner, Vol. 2 by Snarky Puppy

Posted 3/13/2022

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release New Single "Auburn Whisper"

Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini's new single, "Auburn Whisper" is out now! 

This song is a meditation on the power of the ancient redwoods, the way that being in nature strips us down to our core and help us live more honestly. The song is also about love, and how the enchanting environment can be the catalyst for love to be confessed and grow over time. And just as the redwood grove’s beauty and power doesn’t diminish with age, the love conceived there is equally timeless. "Part of this is autobiographical, as Ian and my musical partnership began in the redwoods of Cazadero. I felt like the beauty of the music I experienced there that first year grabbed me and actually changed the course of my life." - Natalie Cressman

Posted 03/04/2022

GroundUP Music's Partnership with Alamo Drafthouse Continues

In case you missed it, we recently announced “GroundUP Music x Alamo Drafthouse:” a series of five classic silent films with new scores recorded by five unique artists from GroundUP Music. The series continues with our next premiere on Sunday, March 6th, at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the country, and will continue with new artist and film pairings for five weeks through mid-March. NYC premiere's will include a live Q&A (except where noted) and each film will be accompanied by a showing of a Snarky Puppy album documentary in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin. Check out the link below to grab tickets to a premiere near you.

March 6: Waxworks scored by PRD Mais/ Family Dinner, Vol. 1 by Snarky Puppy

March 13: Nosferatu scored by Bob Lanzetti/ Sylva by Snarky Puppy 

March 20: Aelita: Queen of Mars scored by Chris Bullock/ Family Dinner, Vol. 2 by Snarky Puppy

Posted 03/04/2022

Just Announced: Rare Snarky Puppy Acoustic Brunch Set

The magic of GroundUP Music Festival goes well beyond the main sets at the Bandshell and Park stages. Each day of the festival, catch exclusive intimate performances from GroundUP Artists at our Friday cocktail and Saturday and Sunday brunch events, held at the VIP Skylounge, with sweeping ocean views.

We're excited to announce that the special brunch performance on Saturday May 7th will be an intimate and extremely rare acoustic set by Snarky Puppy! The performance is only open to Saturday Brunch ticket holders (only 75 tickets available) and to All-In-Pass ticket holders. 

The perfect way to start your day at GroundUP before the festival grounds are even open to others, your ticket to the Snarky Puppy Acoustic Brunch Set includes a delicious brunch and drinks. Don't miss your chance for brunch with Snarky Puppy!

Posted 03/04/2022

Justin Stanton & Gisela João Close Out Our Couples In Music Series

For the final video in our Couples in Music series, Gisela João & Justin Stantontake on Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini's "Canaã." Watch the full video at the link in our bio.

Posted 03/04/2022

Malika Tirolien Releases 3-Song Live Session

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Malika Tirolien's album, 'HIGHER,' we're excited to share a live session on our channel, featuring the songs "RISE," "DON'T COME AROUND," and "GROW." The performers are Rock Lee, Caulder, Nancy Dassas, Guerschon Auguste and JM Frederic. Watch the full video at the link below. 

Posted 03/04/2022

Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet Release New Single From Upcoming Album

"45 Bucks," the first single from 'Becca Stevens | Attacca Quartet' is out now! It's a new string arrangement of Becca's song from her 2017 album, 'Regina.' Watch the full live performance at the link below. You can also pre-order the album, which will be released on April 22, 2022

Becca Stevens - "I originally wrote this song for my album 'Regina' (‘17) back in 2016. The song started as an attempt to “take the high road” by putting frustrations to music rather than escalating a no-win situation with a next-door neighbor, and evolved into an ode to several folks who have let me down. When the Attacca Quartet and I were choosing songs for this album, my dad William Stevens suggested this song and said he would like to have a go at arranging it since it is outside his usual classical style and would be a fun challenge. The blend of my dad’s unique style, wittiness, and understanding of my musical voice made him the perfect candidate for this arrangement."

Posted 2/25/2022

New Couples In Music Video

For the next video in our Couples in Music series, Becca Stevens & Nathan Schram tackle Mirrors moody song, "Tempestade," written by Gisela João & Justin Stanton. They also answered some questions about what it's like working together as a couple. Watch the full video at the link below. 

Posted 2/25/2022

Michelle Willis Releases New Single "Trigger" Featuring Taylor Ashton

Michelle Willis's new single, "Trigger (featuring Taylor Ashton)" is out now! In Michelle's words, "Trigger is a song about being your own worst enemy, and a nudge to embrace the choices and the love surrounding you." The full music video is available to watch at the link below, along with links to stream the single and pre-order her upcoming album, 'Just One Voice.'

Posted 2/18/2022

GroundUP Music's Partnership with Alamo Drafthouse Kicks Off This Weekend

In case you missed it, last week we announced “GroundUP Music x Alamo Drafthouse:” a series of five classic silent films with new scores recorded by five unique artists from GroundUP Music. The series kicks off on Sunday, February 20th at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the country, and will continue with new artist and film pairings for five weeks through mid-March. NYC premiere's will include a live Q&A (except where noted) and each film will be accompanied by a showing of a Snarky Puppy album documentary in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin. Check out the link below to grab tickets to a premiere near you.

February 20: Three Silent Shorts scored by House of Waters/ groundUP by Snarky Puppy 
February 27: The Lost World (1925) scored by Sirintip/ We Like It Here by Snarky Puppy
March 6: Waxworks scored by PRD Mais/ Family Dinner, Vol. 1 by Snarky Puppy
March 13: Nosferatu scored by Bob Lanzetti/ Sylva by Snarky Puppy 
March 20: Aelita: Queen of Mars scored by Chris Bullock/ Family Dinner, Vol. 2 by Snarky Puppy

Posted 2/18/2022

New Series on GroundUP: Couples In Music

For the next video in our Couples in Music series, Priya Darshini & Max ZT (House of Waters) take on Becca Stevens  punchy song, "45 Bucks." Watch the full video at the link below. 

Posted 2/18/2022

Lee Pardini Releases Homebodies+ to Celebrate One-Year Anniversary of Debut Album

Lee Pardini has just released his deluxe album Homebodies +. The deluxe album marks the one year celebration of Pardini's debut album. 

Homebodies+ is the deluxe edition of the debut album from Dawes'keyboardist Lee Pardini, which features five new renditions of songs from the original record. The bonus tracks are made up of special guests and stripped down recordings from Los Angeles and New York, with variations of band members, including Alan Hampton, Louis Cato, Trevor Menear, and more. Homebodies, the original album, reflects 10 years of writing and experience. While the record focuses heavily on grooves that feel good, there is also a concerted effort to push beyond what people’s preconceptions of a jazz album are.

Posted 2/11/2022

Film Premiere Dates Announced for GroundUP Music’s Partnership with Alamo Drafthouse

In case you missed it, last week we announced “GroundUP Music x Alamo Drafthouse:” a series of five classic silent films with new scores recorded by five unique artists from GroundUP Music. The series kicks off on Sunday, February 20th at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the country, and will continue with new artist and film pairings for five weeks through mid-March. NYC premiere's will include a live Q&A (except where noted) and each film will be accompanied by a showing of a Snarky Puppy album documentary in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin. Check out the link below to grab tickets to a premiere near you.

February 20: Three Silent Shorts scored by House of Waters/ groundUP by Snarky Puppy 
February 27: The Lost World (1925) scored by Sirintip/ We Like It Here by Snarky Puppy
March 6: Waxworks scored by PRD Mais/ Family Dinner, Vol. 1 by Snarky Puppy
March 13: Nosferatu scored by Bob Lanzetti/ Sylva by Snarky Puppy 
March 20: Aelita: Queen of Mars scored by Chris Bullock/ Family Dinner, Vol. 2 by Snarky Puppy

Posted 2/11/2022

New Series on GroundUP: Couples In Music

For the next video in our Couples in Music series, Sirintip Phasuk & Nolan Byrd take on Priya Darshini's heartfelt song, "Home," written with her husband, Max ZT (House of Waters). Watch the full video at the link below. 

Posted 2/11/2022

Michelle Willis Releases Green Grey Live

Michelle Willis has just released "Green Grey" live performance from her upcoming album Just One Voice, available in April 2022. Watch now at the link below. 

Posted 1/28/2022

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release New Single "Afoxé Pra Oxum"

Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini have released "Afoxé Pra Oxum," their new single along with a scenic music video featuring dancer, Julia Cressman. This is the first single from their upcoming sophomore album, "Auburn Whisper, which will be out in April. Listen to the new single at the link below.  

Posted 1/21

Michelle Willis Releases New Single "Green Grey" and Music Video

Michelle Willis has just released "Green Grey," the first single from her upcoming album, Just One Voice, with an accompanying music video, premiered with Glide Magazine. 

Michelle Willis - This song is meant to be playful, fun and flirtatious, in the  innocent first moments of attraction. I spent a few years following the trope of being a young fun escape to other people’s sadness. That got old, and thankfully so did I. I originally heard this as a combo of Bonnie’s Something To Talk About but with the energy of Simon & Garfunkel’s Cecilia.

Posted 1/14/2022

GroundUP Music Festival New Dates: May 6-8, 2022

To our GroundUP family: We've waited almost two years to safely gather together again - and despite our strongest efforts to keep our existing February dates, we must continue to act responsibly to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Due to the challenges presented by the Omicron variant of COVID-19, including travel restrictions for many of our international artists and attendees, the fifth annual GroundUP Music Festival will be postponed to May 6-8, 2022.

While we will need to wait a little longer to experience the magic of GroundUP, we're thrilled to announce the incredible lineup of musicians who will join us for the new dates. Thank you to this amazing circle of artists and music lovers for your continued support of GroundUP. We can't wait for the music to bring us together once again this May!

Posted 1/13/2022

Mark Lettieri Releases New Live Performance Videos for "Magnetar" and "Red Dwarf"

Mark Lettieri has released live cuts of his songs "Magnetar" and "Red Dwarf" from his GRAMMY-nominated album, Deep: The Baritone Sessions, Vol. 2! Filmed and recorded at Furndware Studios in Dallas, TX on Dec. 7, 2021. Watch the full videos for "Magnetar" here and "Red Dwarf" here.

Posted 12/14/2021

Mark Lettieri's Album Nominated for GRAMMY

GroundUP Music is proud to represent 2022 GRAMMY-nominated artist, Mark Lettieri, forBest Contemporary Instrumental Album. Listen to Deep: The Baritone Sessions, Vol. 2 here.

Posted 11/23/2021

C4 Trío Releases Their Brand New EP With Music Video

C4 Trío (a group made up of Jorge Glem, Edward Ramírez, Héctor Molina, & Rodner Padilla) has released their new "Back to 4 EP," accompanied by a colorful music video for the lead song of the same name.

"Back to 4" is an explosion of virtuosity, groove, and musicality, embodied by C4 Trio in their celebration of 15 years together as a band. A serene, yet powerful vibe spreads like the romantic perfume of the explorer, inspired by the steps done and looking forward to the many more yet to come. 

Posted 11/19/21

Mirrors Releases Their Debut Album With New Music Video

Mirrors (a group made up of Michael League, Becca Stevens, Justin Stanton, Gisela João, & Louis Cato) has released their debut, self-titled album, accompanied by a music video for the lead song, “Weary.” 

Justin Stanton on “Weary” - "Sometimes we become blindly devoted to our relationships with others. We become unhappy; we are mistreated; we feel trapped. Still, we soldier on, ready to serve the person that betrayed, neglected, or abandoned us." 

Posted 11/12/21

FORQ Releases Three New Remix Singles

FORQ has released 3 new remixes from their most recent album, Four (Remixt). This set kicks off with Genevieve Artadi's "Lullabye (Haunted Chicken Remix)," followed by Alex Skolnick's remix of "Duck People (No Fly List Version)," then Jason Kingsland & Tim Lefebvre's "Rally (TL JK Remix)." Check out the new remixes at the link below.

Posted recently

Mirrors Releases Brand New Single With Music Video

Mirrors has released their new single, “The Call,” with a cinematic music video. Sung in both Portuguese and English by Gisela João and Louis Cato, the moving song represents the relationships that we have with the people dearest to us. 
“The Call is a suspenseful expression of universal love…from the first note, the intensity never once lets up.”- Louis Cato

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Malika Tirolien Releases "SISTERS (Remix)" With New Music Video

Malika Tirolien has teamed up with Meryem Saci for a remix of “SISTERS,” a track from Malika’s newest album. The new release and accompanying music video portray a message of women empowerment and freedom.

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FORQ Releases Remix Singles 'Four (Remixt)'

FORQ has released 4 new remixes from their most recent album, Four (Remixt). This set kicks off with Jason Linder's "Tiny Soul (flymyspcshp rebuild)," followed by Wolff Parkinson White's remix of "M- Theory (Wolff Parkinson White Family Fun Version)," then Brian Delaney's "Otellibirum (Glaveman Mix)," and closes out with Liz Owen's "Mr Bort (Liz Owen Remix)." Check out the new remixes at the link below.

Posted 10/8/2021

Mirrors Releases Debut EP With New Music Video

The debut Mirrors EP is out now! Mirrors is a collaborative project brought to life by artists Micheal League, Gisela João, Becca Stevens, Louis Cato, and Justin Stanton. The 3-track EP is accompanied by a music video and includes the songs "Sleep," written by Mike and Louis, "Tempestade," written by Gisela and Justin, and "Over the Line," written by Becca & Mike,

Becca Stevens on "Over The Line" - "The seed of this song came from a desire to inspire our male counterparts to do their part in advocating for gender equality. When Mike and I were writing the lyrics, we were addressing this theme from a perspective of two people working together at a common goal, and that through this kind of teamwork progress is made. In the creative process we addressed this idea of teamwork from different angles; sometimes working side by side, sometimes holding the other up, and sometimes sitting back and just listening.” The project features Micheal League, Gisela João, Becca Stevens, Louis Cato, and Justin Stanton.

Posted 10/1/2021

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio Release New Collaborative Album

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio have released their self-titled album, produced by Michael League. Also out today is a live performance video for "Pathways," shot at Flux Studios in New York City. 

The record focuses on blending Becca's effortless vocal talent and exquisite compositions, with The Secret Trio's mastered musical traditions. 

"Even as these unique artists approached their crafts from such far corners, the music they make together feels effortless and sublime." -Jamey Haddad

Posted 09/17/2021

Read/McQueen Release New Live Performance Video, "Send Off"

Chris McQueen - “Send Off” is the last song we, Read/McQueen, wrote in the batch of songs that became our self-titled GroundUP debut. Rather than starting slowly and building, we thought it could be cool to have a song that just kicks right in at full speed. Of course then there’s the question of where you go from there... after trying a lot of different approaches we found a sort of (for lack of a better word) “Americana” tune that felt like a natural extension of the flashy intro. 

Watch the full video on YouTube!

Posted 08/30/2021

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio Release Third Single & Music Video, "We Were Wrong"

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio have released a new emotive single, "We Were Wrong," with an accompanying music video. This is the third single off of their eponymous album, which will be released on September 17, 2021. The music video for "We Were Wrong" is a collaboration of dancers from around the world, blended with landscape footage from Imbros, Turkey and New York City, USA.

Posted 08/20/2021

Read/McQueen Releases Music Video for "Flow"

Read/McQueen (acoustic guitar duo of Matt Read & Chris McQueen) has just released the beautifully filmed music video for "Flow," the first single off of their recently released, self-titled album. Watch the video here and listen to the full album here.

Posted 07/20/2021

Mark Lettieri Releases Music Video for "Tidal Tail"

The music video for Mark Lettieri's song, “Tidal Tail” is live on our YouTube channel! 

Mark Lettieri
- “I started writing this in a hotel in Sherman Oaks, CA during the tracking sessions for the Fearless Flyer’s Tailwinds album. Thus, the working title was “Swingin’ in Sherman Oaks.” I’d say this song is a good example of what I’d call the “baritone funk sound” - a funk/R&B-meets-rock vibe where the melody and hooks come from rhythm guitar figures, rather than traditional single notes lines. Of course Bobby and JT’s groove and feel just take it over the top.”

Posted 07/07/2021

Michael League Releases Debut Album

Michael League has released his debut solo album, So Many Me, along with a third music video for the track "I Wonder Who You Know." 

So Many Me demonstrates an introspective turn and culminating moment for League, showcasing the mastery of craft that has made his impact on the industry indelible. “This album represents the biggest step I’ve ever taken in terms of really putting myself on display as an artist,” he says. “I tried my best to use the record as an opportunity to express things that normally live deep inside.”

Posted 06/25/2021

Read/McQueen Release Self-Titled Album

Read/McQueen have released their new self-titled album today. This sophomore album finds the acoustic duo continuing to explore their cinematic, storytelling approach to instrumental songwriting. As always, they maintain a focus on crafting songs with satisfying arrangements, while leaving plenty of room to improvise.

Posted 6/11/2021

Mark Lettieri Shares Music Video for "Pulsar"

Mark Lettieri just released a new video for his song “Pulsar,” expertly directed and crafted by Andy Laviolette with the team at Furndware! This song is from his latest album Deep: The Baritone Sessions, Vol. 2, which is available now. 

Watch the full video on YouTube. 

Posted 06/10/2021

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio Release First Single "The Eye"

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio's collaborative album produced by Michael League will be released in September 2021. The first single, titled “The Eye,”has just been released with a stunning visual accompaniment. 

The spark for this intoxicating new project was lit during a late night set at the GroundUP Festival in 2019. Becca Stevens & Michael League were in the audience that night marveling over the stunning beauty that is The Secret Trio. Becca and The Secret Trio have each established unique sounds and styles while finding their respective audiences, disparate as they may be. This collaboration marks a marriage of those cultures, audiences, and sonic landscapes; built upon a mutual respect and masterful artistry. The colors of Becca’s voice and strings blend seamlessly with the eastern textures of the kanun, oud, and clarinet, resulting in a fresh yet ancient sound.

Posted 6/4/2021

Announcing the Virtual GroundUP Music Festival, Prats, June 18-20

We're back... to celebrate our 5th anniversary with Virtual GroundUP Music Festival, Prats from June 18th to 20th. 🎉

GUMFest was designed to be different, and this rendition will be truly unique. Rather than adapting our Miami Beach festival to fit the ever-changing pandemic restrictions, we've decided to invite you all virtually to Prats, Spain (a village of 450 people in rural Catalonia that is home to Michael League). Featuring 10+ amazing artists/groups performing in beautiful locations scattered throughout the 3,000 year old town, the Festival will be free and open to residents of the village who rarely have access and exposure to live music. For everyone else, we are pleased to be offering - for the first time - a pay-per-view audio and video stream of all the Festival musical performances as well as discussions/masterclasses and a glimpse into the region’s culture (e.g., daily in-kitchen, step-by-step tutorials on traditional Catalan dishes).

Grab your tickets and your favorite seat in the house and join our online celebration June 18-20, 2021. 

Posted 05/27/2021

Malika Tirolien Releases Live Acoustic Performance Video for "DREAMIN'"

Malika Tirolien has released an ethereal acoustic video for her song "DREAMIN'" which is available now on our YouTube channel. 

Of the song and live video, Malika says "We create the world with our thoughts. I choose to think about justice, equity and harmony for us all." 

Posted 05/26/2021

Michael League Releases Music Video for Second Single, "In Your Mouth"

Michael League has released the second single off of his debut solo album with an accompanying music video. "In Your Mouth" is available worldwide and his album, So Many Me, is available for pre-order (digital, CD, vinyl), to be released in June 2021.

Michael League - Politicians often foment the actualization of some of our ugliest impulses as humans. This song is about the desire to return the favor.

Posted 5/21/2021

Read/McQueen Release New Single, "Möbius"

The second single off of Read/McQueen's upcoming, self-titled album, "Möbius," is available now. The duo's acoustic playing intertwines to create a perpetually melodic texture that often sounds like more than two guitars. The song is heady, but also serene, as it weaves between keys in a loping style. 

Posted 5/21/2021

FORQ Releases Four Remix EP 1

Part of the ethos of FORQ has always been an openness to the wide world of musical genres. Today, FORQ has released the first remix EP for their album, Four, featuring remixes from Tim K, Sirintip & Nolan Byrd, and more! Buy or stream 'Four Remix EP 1' here.

Posted 05/14/2021

Read/McQueen Releases First Single from Upcoming Self-Titled Album

The first single off of Read/McQueen's upcoming self-titled album, "Flow," is a perfect encapsulation of the duo's style, lying somewhere between jazz, folk and cinematic music. Matt Read and Chris McQueen get their chance to improvise, each over a different section of the song, which keeps the momentum going throughout the piece. Listen to the new single, available now. 

Posted 05/01/2021

Michael League's Debut Music Video, "Right Where I Fall"

Michael League has released the first single off of his debut solo album with an accompanying music video. "Right Where I Fall" is available worldwide and his album, So Many Me, is available for pre-order (digital and physical), to be released in June 2021.

Michael League - "I wanted to capture, as best I could, the feeling that we all experience when our problems overcome us. Whether it's anxiety, stress, or an external issue, in these moments we have the sensation that everything is at least slightly out of place, slowly spiraling out of control until we lose the capacity to engage with life in a healthy and level way. The Catalan film team and I tried to create a surreal environment inspired by artists from the region (Dalí especially) in order to represent our mental state in moments of extreme difficulty."

Posted 4/23/2021

Mark Lettieri Releases New Album, "Deep: The Baritone Sessions, Vol. 2"

Created during the pandemic, Mark Lettieri's new album is a triumph of ingenuity built upon Lettieri's life-long love fo funk and rock. The album features Steve Lukather, Philip Lassiter, Shaun Martin, Daric Bennett, Robert Sput Searight, Justin Stanton, Nate Smith, Bobby Sparks, Jason "JT" Thomas, Travis Toy, Keith Anderson,TaRon LockettFrédéric Yonnet and Braylon Lacy

With Deep, Vol. 2, Lettieri takes it to a whole other depth with some irresistible pocket playing and low end lines that resonate in your gut. Of the album, he says, "If I can't blow your speakers, I didn't try hard enough."

Posted 04/16/2021

Malika Tirolien Releases Live Performance Video for "DREAMIN'"

Malika Tirolien has released a live performance video of her song "DREAMIN'" from her recent album, HIGHER. Malika is joined by Nadia Baldé, Nancy Dassas, Jean-Michel Frédéric, Mark Haynes, Philippe Lallier, and Raynal Ismeus in this live video that was shot at Studio Base Bin in Montreal. 

Malika Tirolien - "To change the world, you have to dream it first."

Posted 04/01/2021

Becca Stevens Releases "Halfway" Music Video

Becca Stevens celebrates 1-year anniversary of Wonderbloom, with the release of a music video for the song "Halfway."

Becca Stevens - "This music video was directed and filmed by Jep Jorba at Konvent in Berga, Catalonia and features dance performances by Helena Gispert and Shorlady Preciado. I met Shorlady Preciado on set for “Halfway” and felt that she could not have been a more perfect counterpart to Helena. Shorlady carries an intoxicating yet deeply grounded feeling in her dancing. Both of these amazing women were very supportive of me on set as well, helping me to figure out how to move through an unfamiliar space while finding the light in my movements."

Posted 03/18/2021

Mark Lettieri's New Single "Star Catchers" Is Out Now

“Star Catchers,” Mark Lettieri's new single from his forthcoming album, is out now. 

Mark Lettieri - "Quite the ensemble tune, the backbone of which is Jason “JT” Thomas and Wes Stephenson on drums and bass, respectively, who form the rhythm section in the Mark Lettieri Trio. I love shuffles, and they have some of the baddest shuffle grooves around. Philip Lassiter, a longtime collaborator of mine, arranged trademark killer horn parts for his crew, with Justin Stanton provided synth color throughout. Although it’s baritone-driven, the song is a little more traditional to my catalog, with a prominent guitar melody over the top. When it came time to do the guitar solo, I found asked myself “now what would Steve Lukather do here?” After I’d soiled enough takes, I figured I’d ask and see if the man himself would do it."

Watch the full animated video by Brad and Emily Holt here

Posted 03/12/2021

Becca Stevens Releases Solo Acoustic Video of "Feels Like This"

An ethereal acoustic performance of Becca Stevens's song “Feels Like This” is out now.

Becca Stevens - “When Jep Jorba filmed this, I was concerned that we didn’t get a “good enough” take. Now not only do my concerns seem minuscule, but I’ve grown to love its vulnerability because it is a documentation of what these songs from #WONDERBLOOMthealbum had to become in isolation. No production, no fancy arrangements, just me, warts and all. I always envisioned WONDERBLOOM in sparkles, with a full band, on a big stage with lights. To my surprise, the music and I wonder-bloomed inwardly instead.”

Posted 02/25/2021

Bill Laurance Releases 'Aftersun EP'

Bill Laurance's ‘Aftersun EP’ is out now! The EP includes ‘Held’ - a bonus track that was only available on the physical Aftersun CD in Japan. 

Bill Laurance - “I wrote this song on the road in Europe with my quartet. We were playing a new city every night meeting people from different walks of life. One of the many joys of touring is to be reminded daily how similar we all are. Irrespective of culture, tradition or language. We share the same desires, the same hopes, the same dreams. ‘Held’ speaks to this commonality."

Posted 03/05/2021

Malika Tirolien's new album 'HIGHER' is out now!

Malika Tirolien's new album, HIGHER, is out now! 

"HIGHER is like a map through the world of somebody's mind. I see that person as a black woman navigating between being a warrior and wanting to cultivate her loving side at the same time. Struggling to find balance between her will to fight and her desire to surrender to love, the necessity to stay grounded and the calling to elevate and fly." - Malika Tirolien

Watch the live performance video for "GROW" here.

Posted 2/26/2021

Lee Pardini Releases Debut Solo Album, 'Homebodies'

Lee Pardini's debut album, Homebodies, is out now!

"Homebodies is an album that reflects 10 years of writing and experience. From playing in bands and spending a life on the road, to breakups and lost relationships, Homebodies is an attempt to make sense of the world. This album is a personal quest to find a voice, to feel comfortable in my own skin as an artist. While this album focuses heavily on grooves that feel good, there is also a concerted effort to push beyond what people’s preconceptions of a jazz album are, and even more importantly, its an attempt to push beyond the boundaries of who people think I am as an artist." - Lee Pardini

Posted 2/12/2021

Lee Pardini Releases New Single "LV, NV"

Lee Pardini just released the fourth single from his upcoming album. 

“‘LV, NV’ was written in response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 1, 2017 - a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. We live in an American society where this is all too common. I wanted to try and capture some of the total sadness, anger, and confusion of this tragedy.” – Lee Pardini

Watch the full music video here.

Posted 2/5/2021

Malika Tirolien Releases New Single "CHANGE YOUR LIFE"

Malika Tirolien's new single "CHANGE YOUR LIFE" is out now! This is the third single off of her upcoming album HIGHER, which will be released on GroundUP Music on February 26, 2021.

"'CHANGE YOUR LIFE' is a song about the higher self trying to take over and showing that true compassion and empathy is embedded inside the heart; it's a question of letting it take the lead." - Malika Tirolien

Watch the music video here.

Posted 1/22/2021

Lee Pardini Releases New Single "ETA"

GroundUP Music is proud to announce the next single from artist, Lee Pardini. Lee is the keyboardist in Dawes and releasing his first solo record on GroundUP Music on February 12, 2021. Enjoy his new single "ETA," out now.

"This is a tribute to ETA, a bar/restaurant/live music venue in Highland Park, LA CA. ETA, the venue, represents a space for creative freedom and collaboration with some of the deepest improvisers in the scene. ETA, the song, is a vehicle for different players to have their voices heard. A simple ostinato in the bass provides the framework for the musicians to pass around solos and meditate on a groove." - Lee Pardini

Watch the full live trio video here.

Posted 01/15/2021

Snarky Puppy Donates 50% of LiveSnarky Profits to Crew

In honor of Snarky Puppy's Grammy-nominated “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” we wanted to give back to the team behind the scenes who made the magic of that night possible. From now until March 14th, 50% of all proceeds from will go directly to the Snarky Puppy Crew.

During this time, we will release special playlists of live Snarky Puppy performances curated by the crew, band members, and other members of the Snarky Puppy family. The playlists that are currently available for purchase are from: 

  • Snarky Puppy Crew
  • Mike "Maz" Maher
  • GroundUP Music Staff
  • Jason "JT" Thomas
  • Marcelo Woloski
  • Chris Bullock

Additionally, all purchases made during this time will receive an MP3 download of GroundUP Music's 2021 Grammy-nominated artists, including:
"Live at the Royal Albert Hall" - Snarky Puppy (Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)
"WONDERBLOOM" - Becca Stevens (featuring “Slow Burn” nominated for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals)

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Becca Stevens “Never Mine” Music Video

"I wrote “Never Mine” with Kaveh Rastegar, who also plays bass on the recording. The lyric and the melody feel rooted in Irish/Appalachian roots, painting a hazy daydream lost in longing for something that’s not yours to claim. The music video for “Never Mine” was filmed on 9/23/20 by Jep Jorba in a single shot at the town bar of Els Prats de Rei, Catalonia. We filmed the video at 3x slower than normal speed (making for 14 minute takes). I slowed down all my mannerisms by timing my breaths, to make my cadence look “normal” when sped back up. The scene is dressed with Prats locals who came by to support, along with Mike League (of Snarky Puppy), Nic Hard (WONDERBLOOM co-producer & mixing engineer), and my husband Nathan Schram who were all in town working on a project at Mike League’s home studio." - Becca Stevens

Watch the full video here

Posted 12/21/2020

Snarky Puppy - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2020 vs 2019)

The Grammy nomination of Snarky Puppy's Live at the Royal Albert Hall has sparked a desire for us to bring awareness to the current state of touring crews, venues and show our gratitude at a time when there isn’t nearly enough being done for them, governmentally or otherwise. We wanted to highlight these issues and take the opportunity to showcase the pure beauty of Royal Albert Hall by asking our favorite Londoner, Bill Laurance, to play “Shofukan” by himself, alone at the piano in this incredible room and contrast that with the energy of the sold-out venue just over a year ago.

Watch the full video here.

Posted 12/18/2020

GroundUP Music's 2021 GRAMMY-nominated artists

GroundUP Music is proud to represent 2021 Grammy-nominated artists Snarky Puppy & Becca Stevens! 

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album: Snarky Puppy, Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals: Becca Stevens, "Slow Burn"

Posted 11/24/2020


It is with great pride GroundUP Music presents Becca Stevens' new album WONDERBLOOM!

We are so extremely excited to share this release with you 

Posted 03/20/2020

Snarky Puppy Live from Royal Albert Hall

Snarky Puppy ’s new live single, “Bad Kids to the Back,” is available now on all digital and streaming platforms. Their new record “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” will be released worldwide on March 13th. You can pre-order the exclusive fan versions of their double CD and triple vinyl (only on Snarky Puppy website) now!
Link to listen to the single here
Preorder here

Posted 03/09/20

GroundupMusic Festival 2020 - Lineup announced!

The moment you've all been waiting for: the lineup for GroundUp Music Festival 2020! See you in Miami Beach! #GUMFest2020

Tickets + hotels on sale now:

Posted 10/16/2019

Bonus Track, "Chrysalis," Available Now

"Chrysalis," the second bonus track from "Immigrance" is out today!

Listen here:
Bob Reynolds - ”Chrysalis” was born out of frustration. In the weeks leading up to recording Immigrance, I was trying to write a song to contribute. It wasn't going well. The day before leaving I still had nothing I liked.

In the same weeks all this "writing" was going on, my kids were tending to a butterfly garden in our backyard. If you've never seen one (I hadn't), it's incredible. You watch caterpillars become butterflies in the span of a couple of weeks.

But the most magical part of the transformation is invisible to the outside world. It occurs inside a hard skin called a chrysalis.

It seemed an appropriate metaphor for the experience of composing music. Lots of internal work the world never sees and at the end, if you're lucky, a song emerges. The contrasting sections and modulations in "Chrysalis" reminded me of that metamorphosis. My own as well as the butterflies.

P.S. We released our butterflies the same day I wrote the song.

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Sirintip Release "Shut It Up (JackLNDN Remix)

Discover Sirintip's "Shut It Up" remixed by DJ and producer jackLNDN.

Listen here!

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Justin Stanton Releases Debut Solo Album, "Secret Place"

The day has arrived! Justin Stanton's debut solo album, “Secret Place,” is available everywhere!

New York, don’t miss the release party at Rockwood Music Hall!

Buy and listen here!

Release Show Info here!

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Snarky Puppy Releases First Immigrance Bonus Track, "Embossed"

Snarky Puppy has released the first in a series of bonus tracks from Immigrance!

For Bill Laurance, composer of the first bonus track of Immigrance, “Embossed is a reaction to the social, political and environmental anxiety of the times. It’s a musical call to arms, asking the listener to engage both as an individual and as a member of larger movements for change.”

Discover Snarky Puppy's Embossed here!

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New Artist: Justin Stanton

Exciting news! We will be releasing Justin Stanton's long-awaited solo debut album, "Secret Place," on May 3rd!

Pre-orders will be made available on April 4th, during the next episode of the "Artists Interviewing Artists" series at Highbreedmusic - The Artists That Artists Love hosted by fellow Snarky Puppy member Maz.

Make sure you tune in at 8pm EST to learn more about this exciting project and catch the exclusive single video premiere of Justin's first single “What Do You Want!"

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"Immigrance" Is Here!

The countdown is over. Snarky Puppy's 12th record, "Immigrance," is finally here!

Buy/Listen Here!

Liner Notes

Tour Dates

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Snarky Puppy's New Video For "Bad Kids To The Back" Premieres On Rolling Stone

The 2nd track from "Immigrance" is here - in an animated, eye-popping way!

Co-directed by animator Michaël Alcaras and Stella K, the surreal video for Snarky Puppy’s “Bad Kids To The Back” (written by Michael League Plays Music & Justin Stanton) turns an in-studio performance into a wild animated adventure.

Thanks to Rolling Stone for premiering this hypnotic and visual work of art. Check it out here!

Immigrance is available for pre-order here! 

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House of Waters' New Record "Rising" Available Everywhere!

House of Waters' new album, "Rising," is available everywhere today!

Along with the release, we're happy to share the video for their song "When I Play." This tune started as a solo bass etude that Moto was working on while they were on the road with Snarky Puppy in Europe a few years back!

Get "Rising" here:

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New Snarky Puppy Single “Xavi” Available Now

The first single from our new album, “Immigrance,” is now available worldwide. After three years without making a record, it feels so good to put something new out into the world. This track, “Xavi,” is inspired by a beautiful experience we had in Morocco at last year's Gnawa Music Festival in Essaouira, sharing a week of rehearsal and performance with the country's most respected guimbre master, Hamid El Kasri حميد القصري, and his incredible group of musicians. We hope you enjoy it (and feel beat one in the right place).     -Michael League

The full album “Immigrance” drops March 15.

Listen to “Xavi” and pre-order here:

Artwork by Zeycan Alkiş, Graphic Design by Amalia Drewes

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A New Single for House of Waters!

GroundUP Music artist House of Waters is releasing new music into the world!

We are very excited to announce this fantastic band's new album "Rising" is now available for pre-order. Listen to the first single, Sting's " Shape of My Heart here!

The album will drop on February 15th.

Fans will have a chance to grab a physical copy of the record a few days early at this year's GroundUp Music Festival in Miami Beach!

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Additional Artists Announced For GroundUP Music Festival!

The GroundUP Music Festival 2019 lineup just keeps getting better and better!

Andrew Bird (full band set + 2nd set GUMFEST version of Andrew's “Live from the Great Room” with festival artists), Chris Potter Circuits feat. James Francies and Nate Smith, & Richard Bona (Artist At Large) will be joining us in Miami Beach, February 8-10, 2019.

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Snarky Puppy Announces Live Album "17"

Breaking news!

Snarky Puppy is releasing a live album today.
17 cities, 17 tracks.

Limited edition of this exclusive 4 LP live album from the 2017 World Tour.

“17” - Pre-order yours here!

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Snarky Puppy 2019 U.S. Tour Announcement

Here’s the first 2019 tour announcement of many to come! Snarky Puppy's US tour (part one) will be in May and June of next year to support their upcoming record, coming out in March. 

Tickets here!

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GroundUP Music Festival 2019 Lineup Announcement!

The moment you've all been waiting for: 

The lineup announcement for GroundUP Festival 2019! Snarky Puppy will play a full extended set all 3 nights with 3 different lineups, and – World Premiere-- will debut the very first-ever live performances of music from its new, unreleased 12th album.  Be the first to hear the new music!  We hope to see you on the beach, February 8-10, 2019 – perfect weather in our oceanfront oasis, delectable food by celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein, unique access to the artists, small interactive workshops all weekend long (workshops to be announced soon), and great music!  

Watch the announcement video here!

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David Crosby And The Lighthouse Band Join The Lineup For GroundUp Music Festival 2019

2x Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee David Crosby with his Lighthouse Band (Michael League, Becca Stevens & Michelle Willis) can’t wait to see you at this year’s GroundUp Music Festival! 

Tickets on sale here

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GroundUp Music Festival - Tickets on sale!

It is with excitement and pride that we announce the 3rd Annual GroundUp Music Festival - February 8-10, 2019, in Miami Beach, Florida

While we can’t announce the full line-up yet, we guarantee you that it will be phenomenal AND one more thing is certain. Snarky Puppy will be playing all 3 nights with 3 different lineups and it will be the World Premiere, the 1st Live performances of music from the new, unreleased album! 

Tickets + Hotels are on sale now!

Check the 2018 recap right here!

Posted 9/21/2018

Alina Engibaryan Puts Out Live Video From Show at The Jazz Standard

Here’s “The New You”... recorded at Jazz Standard in NYC with Chris PotterTaylor EigstiMichael League Plays Music and Kendrick Scott Oracle

Watch here!

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Bokanté Releases First Music Video for Upcoming Record, "What Heat"

Bokanté’s first music video “All the Way Home” is out and it’s beautiful. 

Watch here

Listen, Share, and Support these incredible musicians!

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Official Video for Sirintip's "In My Garden"

In case you haven’t checked out Sirintip’s debut album (or even if you have), put your eyeballs on this music video from the half-Thai/half-Swedish phenom. Directed by Derek Means.

From Sirintip: 

What if you could make the world a better place by planting glowing seeds in the darkest of places? What if these seeds turned into beautiful flowers that grow and turn the world into the most colorful place you’ve ever seen?

“In my garden” is a metaphor for our world and how we can turn it into a better place by planting beautiful seeds around us. A huge thank you to Derek Means for making this vision of mine a dream come true, Mica Oczczakiewicz for illustrating these beautiful child-like flowers and Jade Daniel for sharing the way you see the world through your eyes with us. I can’t be beyond excited to share this video with you and I hope this will inspire you to plant more seeds in the world. 💕🌹

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Charlie Hunter Trio (Feat. Lucy Woodward and Keita Ogawa) Release Video Of "Spoonful"

GroundUP artists Charlie Hunter and Lucy Woodward join Snarky Puppy and Bokanté percussionist Keita Ogawa for a rendition of Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful” on their last tour. 

The Charlie Hunter Trio starts a one month U.S. tour this Friday in Northern California - catch ‘em where ya can!

Tickets here!

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NPR's "Jazz Night In America" Features This Year's GroundUP Music Festival

We had the honor of hosting Jazz Night In America at our GroundUp Music Festival this past year. Listen to their highlights on Yay YenningsBéla Fleck and the FlecktonesBill Laurance and more.

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Bokanté Releases Video for Zyé Ouvè, Zyé Fèmé

Bokante is winding up for a string of European dates this Summer and preparing their next release! 

In the meantime, listen to this gem from their first record here!

You can find all their tour details here!

July 15th - North Sea Jazz Festival
July 17th - Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival
July 18th - Jazz Cafe
July 20th - Malta Jazz Festival
July 23rd - Oldenburger Kultursommer
July 25th - Muffathalle
July 26th - Bitef Art Cafe
July 28th - Langnau Jazz Nights
July 29th - Festival Okarina Bled
July 31st - Dromos Festival
August 2nd - Jam Days
August 3rd - Nefertiti Jazz Club
August 5th - Festival de la Porta Ferrada - Sant Feliu de Guíxols
September 9th - Festival Jazz à la Villette

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Forq Releases New Video, Prepares For European Tour

Check out Forq's previously unreleased video of Stannic from the Thrēq recording session.  They’ll be playing this live in Europe next week with Henry Hey on Keys, Chris McQueen on Guitar, Jason "JT" Thomas on Drums, and Kevin Scott on Bass.  

Watch "Stannic" here!

Tickets here!

June 24 Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club - London, UK

June 25 The Queens Head - Bath, UK

June 26 Studio2 Parr Street PARRJAZZ - Liverpool, UK

June 27 Band on the Wall w/ Shyfinger- Manchester, UK

June 28 Jazz à Vienne - Vienne, FR

June 29 Jazzclub Unterfahrt - Munich, DE

June 30 LantarenVenster - Rotterdam, NL

July 1 Jazz in the Park - Cluj, Romania

July 3 Empoli Jazz Ejf - Empoli, IT

July 4 Udin&Jazz - Udine, IT

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Roosevelt Collier Sets Out On His First European Tour!

Roosevelt Collier is heading to Europe with his band for the first time! Catch this powerhouse of a musician all over Europe!


6/24/18 - BAaD - Glasgow, Scotland

6/28/18 - The Blues Kitchen - Camden - London, England

6/29/18 - JazzAscona - Ascona, Switzerland

6/30/18 - JazzAscona - Ascona, Switzerland

7/1/18 - Montreux Jazz Festival - Montreux-Territet, Switzerland

7/4/18 - Club NUBIA - Boulogne-Billancourt, France

7/5/18 - Pordenone Blues Festival- Pordenone, Italy

7/7/18 - Deltablues Festival - Rovigo, Italy

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Alina Engibaryan Releases Video For "We Are"

Alina Engibaryan recently released a live version of “We Are," from Atlantic Studios featuring Kendrick Scott, Chris Potter and Michael League!

Watch here

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Roosevelt Collier Band Announces UK Dates!

Roosevelt Collier Band UK debut - Scotland - London

6/24 - Glasgow International Jazz Festival @ BAaD - Glasgow, Scotland:…/roosev…/5314762

6/28 - @The Blues Kitchen - Brixton - London, England:…/th…/1223611

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PRD Mais Releases Video For "Hop 63"

PRD Mais released the video for "Hop 63" today!

Check out the video here and catch them at their upcoming shows in Brazil!

"Rittenhouse" is available now:
Vimeo Film:

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Roosevelt Collier Releases Video For "Happy Feet"

Roosevelt Collier released his new video for "Happy Feet", leading up to his NYC Album Release Party next Monday!

Video here!

Details here: Roosevelt Collier (feat. Members of Snarky Puppy) at (le) poisson rouge

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Important Update Regarding The Bokanté May Tour

"Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we have no choice but to cancel the upcoming Bokanté May tour. To all the fans that have bought tickets, please contact the venue for a refund. Thank you for the continuous support, and we promise to come back as soon as we can. For now, we’ll be in the studio finishing the mix for our 2nd record."


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Bokanté Releases Video for "An Ni Chans"

Ahead of their upcoming tour, Bokanté has released another video from "Strange Circles"

Soak in the beautiful weather and dance to the joyful "An Ni Chans!"


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PRD Mais Releases New Video and Feature Film on Vimeo

It's a big day for PRD Mais! Their latest video, "Cabuleto/Batalhão/Bossanta," is out and you can now own the entire "Rittenhouse" Film on Vimeo!

"Rittenhouse" is available now:
Vimeo Film:

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Snarky Puppy Announces Summer '18 Tour

The Puppies are hitting the road in a big way this Summer! 

Catch 'em where you can!

Tickets here:

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TSF Jazz Releases GroundUp Music Festival Performances and Interviews

French friends! TSF JAZZ radio station was in Miami with us last February at GroundUp Music Festival: listen to the awesome interviews of Michael League Plays Music, Sirintip, Banda Magda, Alina Engibaryan... and the live performances of Roosevelt Collier Music, Alina Engibaryan, Bill Laurance and Snarky Puppy!

Follow the link :

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Premier Guitar Features Snarky Puppy In Rig Rundown

In case you missed it, Premier Guitar featured Snarky Puppy in their Rig Rundown series!

Find out what gives Michael League Plays Music and Mark Lettieri Music the funk in the full video here!

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Roosevelt Collier Releases Full Length "Exit 16" Today!

The day has arrived and the Doctor is in! It's time to let loose and jam to all of Roosevelt Collier Music's killer tunes!

Check out this ripping video for “Spike” here

Check out the whole record here:

North America:

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Banda Magda Releases "Reine de Bois" In Honor of International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day, Banda Magda released the video for "Reine de Bois" (Queen of Wood) off of her record "Tigre."

This song features several incredible women musicians including Women of the World on vocals, Maeve Gilchrist on harp, Mika Mimura - Marimba Vibraphone Mallet Keyboard on vibes and Leni Stern on ngoni.

"Tigre" is available now:

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Lucy Woodward Performs "Ladykiller" With The Tiptoe Big Band

Last year Lucy Woodward was asked to perform with the Tiptoe Bigband in Denmark. What resulted is quite incredible!

Check out her performance of “Ladykiller” with the big band backing her here!

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Downbeat Premieres "I'll Be Around" by Alina Engibaryan

Downbeat Magazine recently debuted the live studio version of Alina Engibaryan's track "I'll Be Around!"

Read the article here!

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Roosevelt Collier Release Second Single "Supernatural Encounters"

Get your dancing shoes on! Roosevelt Collier Music is back with the second single from the upcoming "Exit 16" and it's an absolute party.

Catch Rosie grooving with Michael League Plays Music, Jason Thomas, and Bobby Sparks!

Watch the video here!

Pre-Order here:
North America:

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Alina Engibaryan Releases Record "We Are" Today!

Today, we are happy to announce that Alina Engibaryan has released her album "We Are!" 

For this record she teamed up with Snarky Puppy members Michael League, Larnell Lewis, and Maz to create a beautiful Jazz experience.

Listen here:


Digital Platforms:

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GroundUP Music Festival Schedule Announced!

With an intimate capacity of approximately 1500, no overlapping sets, and excellent acoustics, GroundUP Music Festival boasts a progressive global fusion of jazz, funk, folk and electronic sounds. Fans have the opportunity for intimate masterclasses and workshops including a conversation between bass heavyweights Victor Wooten and Michael League, learning genre bending with Robert Glasper, songwriting with The Wood Brothers and A capalla on the beach led by Banda Magda along with personal interactions with the festival artists who stay all weekend long. The best part? These are all included in the price of your ticket!

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Roosevelt Collier Releases First Single "Exit 16"

The Doctor is in!

Roosevelt Collier Music just put out their blistering first single. This is dirty groove music at it's finest.

Watch some of the best musicians show you how it's done here!

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Robert Glasper To Host A Workshop At GroundUP Music Festival

Robert Glasper will be hosting his own workshop at GroundUP Fest! The piano genius will discuss genre-bending and how he's used to it through his own music. 

Tickets -->

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Sirintip's First Single, "Shut It Up" is out!

Today, Sirintip released "Shut It Up," first single from her upcoming full length, "Tribus."

Crazy vocal effects, dirty synths and a huge chorus. What more could you ask for!

Celebrate the release with Sirintip at Rockwood Music Hall tomorrow night at 7pm!

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Daily Schedules and Late Night Line-Ups Announced for GroundUp Festival 2018

The wait is over! The daily schedules and late night line-ups for GroundUP Music Festival 2018 have been announced! Don't miss your favorite artists!

Grab your tickets here:

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January Showcase Featuring GroundUp Artists

Start your year off with an incredible show! On January 14th, GroundUP Music and Royal Artist Group are taking over DROM for a night of music featuring Becca StevensLucy WoodwardForq,Ghost-Note, and Yotam Silberstein.


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GroundUp Music Festival's First Workshop Announced!

The first interactive workshop at the GroundUp Music Festival has been announced. Make sure you're following their page to see when the rest are announced, along with the day by day schedule!

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FORQ Announces February 2018 Tour!

FORQ just announced their February tour following GroundUP Music Festival in Miami!

During this run they'll be joined, for certain dates, by GroundUP acts Snarky Puppy and Lucy Woodward

Tickets (at bottom):

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"Strange Circles" is On Sale

If you don't own our debut album Strange Circles yet, now's the time! Buy a vinyl, CD, or digital download and receive 25% off using the code "BOKANTE".



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We Like It Here is Back!

We heard you....We Like It Here is back! Read the statement from Michael League below.


Michael League:

We know this has been the topic of conversation for a while now. We recently repressed a limited edition of vinyl (with a free digital download of the OnDemand film and MP3's) for our record We Like It Here. As of today, it is now available for pre-order in our North American and European store. We also just put the feature film with bonus features up on Vimeo, so you can rent or buy it digitally in high definition. In addition to this, we have also redelivered We Like It Here to all streaming and digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. While we still feel that the streaming model is not yet compensating artists fairly, the bottom line is that we care more about reaching our listeners than selling records. This ultimately affects what kind of records we can make and how often we make them, but I think it's worth it at this moment in time. That said, we are at a point in our career (after almost a decade and a half of music making) in which we can carry on without selling albums the way we used to. We actually make money on tour. We sell merch. We sell sheet music. Though we do feel the hit of loss of album sales, we're fine with our alternative revenue streams and we can survive. Many artists- many artists you LOVE- can not. So, for those of you with the desire and means to support artists, I humbly encourage that you buy their music. Physical, direct digital download (which you can now import into streamers like Spotify)... anything helps. You wouldn't believe how many incredible musicians I have spoken with over the last few months who are desperate about their situations right now. Thinking about quitting. Living on friends' couches. These are artists you know, and who you probably think are doing well for themselves. But of course they will never show this side- their struggles, their deep internal battles, their disappointments- on social media. So please, use streaming to discover artists. Then go the extra (very easy) step and help them make more beautiful music by buying it. Thank you for reading.

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Charlie Hunter Leaves for Year End Tour

Today is the first date of Charlie Hunter's year ending tour.

Catch his incredible Trio while you can!

Tickets here!

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PRD Mais Unveils video for "Vivo Grilo/Bora Bira"

The latest PRD Mais video consists of two of the tracks from their latest record, "Rittenhouse." The video opens up with "Vivo Grilo," a dual tamborim track, and continues on to "Bora Bira" a song that includes the legendary Carlos Malta on Bass Flute and Snarky Puppy's Chris Bullock on Flute.

Watch the video here!

"Rittenhouse" is available now:


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Banda Magda Release "Le Tigre Malin: Reprise"

Brighten your day with this beautiful musical interlude by Banda Magda!

Watch here!

"Tigre" is available now:


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Maz Flips The Script Episode 2 - Come On Sista

Maz just dropped episode 2 of "Maz Flips The Script," a series in which he takes his songs and, with the help of some talented friends, reworks them.

This episode feature a smooth and vibey version of "Come On Sista"

Watch here!

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Breastfist Releases "My Boy" Video

The latest Breastfist video is a heartwarming collection of memories with an incredible cat set to a funky electro track filled with flutes and synths!

Watch it here!

"Amuse Deuce" is available meow:


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Snarky Puppy's 2018 North American Tour!

We’re beyond excited to announce Snarky Puppy’s 2018 North American Tour!

After the Second Annual GroundUP Music Festival in Miami from February 9-11, 2018, Snarky Puppy will begin a cross-country tour  in the United States stopping cities including Nashville, Portland, Seattle, Boulder, Denver and Los Angeles. The tour starts with 2 nights at in Atlanta and concludes with 4 nights at SF Jazz in San Francisco. 

Fellow GroundUP artists including Forq, Banda Magda, Sirintip, and Alina Engibaryan will be opening up for the pups throughout the tour. 

Buy Tickets here:

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Check out Maz's latest: "Replica" LIVE

Video here.

Buy the album here or here.

Posted 11/1/18

If you haven't seen it yet...

It's real, it's live - February 9-11, 2018. Find out more and get your tickets at

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Breastfist's new album AMUSE DEUCE is FINALLY HERE!

Listen to the band Michael League calls "the best live act in the UNIVERSE."

Watch the video for "Dried Fruit."

Buy the album here or here.

Posted 10/10

Snarky Puppy in South America!

Last tour of 2017!
Info and tickets HERE!

Posted 9/29/17

Check out Maz in the first music video off his latest release - "Dreamaway"!

On YouTube;

or on Facebook!

You can buy the album here or here.

Posted 9/21/17

Banda Magda "Tigre" release week !

Come celebrate the release of Banda Magda new album TIGRE!
at Joe's Pub in New York,  September 13 with the Banda Magda String orchestra, and September 14 with the Snarky Puppy Horn Section,
and Saturday 16 at 40 Street Summer Series in Philadelphia ! 
Grab your tickets here !
Pre-Order Tigre there !

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Snarky + Robert Glasper Experiment in Pontiac, MI 9/15

That's a week from Friday!

Get your tix here.

Posted 9/6/17

Banda Magda's "Muchacha" Video Out Today!

Watch it here!

Preorder "Tigre": iTunes | GroundUP

Posted 8/25/17

Snarky Puppy tour dates !

Last U.S. tour dates of the year, and for the first time in Minneapolis!

Grab your tickets here !

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"Thrēq" album release day!

All-star band Forq releases their third album - Thrēq, today on 180g vinyl and digital with a full video of the sessions! This instrumental quartet has an aggressive sound and a penchant for sonic exploration. On Thrēq, they continues to  push further down the sonic rabbit hole with the stunning new material on Thrēq. On this record, the group sound draws from various musical paths of its members, whether it’s Jason’s swampy grooves and shuffles, Chris’ singular sonic approach to guitar, Henry’s zeal for unique keyboard sounds and twisted ear candy, or Michael’s driving world-influenced grooves. 

Order "Thrēq" here:


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Forq Releases Second Single, "Cowabunghole"

Forq just released the second single from their forthcoming record, "Thrēq."

"Cowabunghole," written by Chris McQueen and titled by Becca Stevens, is a surfy jam that brings to mind early 60s surf rock with a modern spin. Perfect for Summer listening!

Watch "Cowabunghole" here!

Pre-Order "Thrēq" here:

Digital (receive download of "Cowabunghole" instantly):

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Banda Magda's "Tam Tam" Premieres on JAZZIZ

Banda Magda is back with the second single from their forthcoming album, "Tigre." 

On "Tam Tam," the group creates a rich and dense sound through utilization of various orchestral and worldly instruments such as a harp, violins, and accordion, in addition to the standard western instrumentation of drums, bass, and guitar.

This upbeat track is sure to bring a smile to your face and lighten up your day!

Listen to "Tam Tam" here!

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This Week in GroundUP's World - 07/17/17

Keep up to date with what's happening with our artists through this new weekly video series!

See what's happening this week!

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Forq Releases New Single! Third Album, "Thrēq," Available for Pre-Order

The new album from your favorite supergroup Forq is coming August 4. Reserve your copy today and pre-order it now!

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Bokanté Heads to Europe!

After a wonderful start to their first world tour in North America, Bokanté heads overseas for the remainder of their dates. 

See where they'll be and get tickets here!

Watch their latest video, "Vayan," here!

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Bill Laurance Summer Tour 2017

After a residency at the Cotton Club in Japan, Bill is headed to Europe for a string of July shows!

Get tickets here!

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"Strange Circles" is out today!

Today is the day! Bokanté's debut album, "Strange Circles," is out (with a 2-month tour starting next week). 

Buy Now!



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Banda Magda Trailer Launch!

We are happy to announce that Banda Magda's newest record, "Tigre", will be released in September 2017 on Verve Music Group/GroundUP Music!

Watch the trailer here!

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FORQ - Batch (CD/DVD) Available Everywhere!

FORQ's record, Batch [CD/DVD], is available everywhere today!


Forq is made up of Chris McQueen on Guitar (Snarky Puppy, Foe Destroyer, etc.), Rudder founder Henry Hey on keyboards (Jeff "Tain" Watts, Joe Locke, Chris Botti, Bill Bruford, Seamus Blake, David Bowie, Empire of the Sun), Snarky Puppy founder and Grammy Award-winner Michael League on bass (Kirk Franklin, Wayne Krantz/Ari Hoenig Quartet, Lalah Hathaway), and Jason "JT" Thomas on drums (Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor, Marcus Miller, D’Angelo). Forq is an all-star ensemble of sorts - but with the spirit and cohesiveness of a garage band.

Though based in New York City, the group retains a subtle Texas accent, where Michael League and Jason "JT" Thomas established a fast friendship and musical rapport through almost two years of weekly gigs in legendary keyboardist Bernard Wright’s trio. Upon moving to the east coast, League teamed up with Henry Hey and Adam Rogers (who are East Village neighbors, by coincidence) to form a group rooted deep in that distinctly southern groove, but with with both the fire and inventiveness that NYC is known for. Hey and Rogers contribute all but one of the tracks on Forq’s debut album, a mixture of fierce, playful, and soulful material. It’s the Texas-meets-Manhattan cocktail that has a created a sound rich in both musical intelligence and undeniable pocket.​

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Bokanté Is Coming!

Bokanté's Summer tour dates have been announced along with their second video, "Nou Tout Sé Yonn”.

Tickets + info here!

This is no side project, it is a new group formed by Snarky Puppy leader, Michael League and has already been described as “nothing short of a world music supergroup” (Pulse).

The word bokanté means “exchange” in Creole, the language of vocalist Malika Tirolien’s youth growing up on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Now living in Montreal, she stands among 8 musicians from 4 continents, each one accomplished in their own right and well versed in music far beyond that of their point of origin. Three-time Grammy award-winning guitarists Michael League, Chris McQueen, and Bob Lanzetti (all from Snarky Puppy), percussion legend Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon, Sting), pedal and lap steel virtuoso Roosevelt Collier (Lee Boys, Karl Denson), and unplaceable percussionists André Ferrari (Väsen) and Keita Ogawa (Banda Magda, Yo-Yo Ma) come together to create a diverse ensemble rich in groove, melody, and soul.

Join the Exchange.

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"Regina" Has Been Born!

Becca Stevens' new album, "Regina", is out now! You're going to want to hear this. Get it on iTunes, buy the physical CD, or get it on Amazon!

Posted March 24, 2017

Well Loved - Becca Stevens ft. Laura Mvula

Take a look at Becca Stevens' second video, "Well Loved", from her upcoming album, "Regina"! Well Loved features the amazing Laura Mvula. The two of them together created one beautiful song! Listen & watch here.

Posted March 9, 2017

The Queen Mab music video is here!

The first music video from #ReginaTheAlbum is out for the world to see and it is beautiful! Enjoy Queen Mab by Becca Stevens- Watch here.

Posted February 23, 207

Michelle Willis' Winter Tour Includes Some Special Guests!

Michelle is bringing along two awesome GroundUp singer/songwriters with her to perform at some shows during her Winter Tour. Becca Stevens & Maz. Yup! Ya don't want to miss it. Tickets here!

Posted February 27, 2017

Bill Laurance's 2017 European Tour

Bill Laurance just finished his US tour and it was AMAZING. Now he's about to head out and do some gigs all over Europe, starting with his neck of the woods, the UK! Don't miss 'em! Tickets here.

Posted February 27, 2017

NPR Releases First Single from Becca Stevens' New Album Regina

First listen to Queen Mab off of Becca Stevens new album, Regina, is up NOW on NPR Music.

Posted January 19, 2017

Snarky Puppy's own Bill Laurance is coming to the US!

Bill Laurance will be here starting late January to do some shows for ya'll on the East Coast! He'll be making his way down to our GroundUp Music Festival before he heads back to the UK to finish up the rest of the tour. Grab tickets here!

Posted January 9, 2017

House Of Waters are on their Winter Tour!

House Of Waters are in the middle of an awesome Winter Tour! After Winter Jazzfest, they'll be making their way to the West Coast, then they'll be back on the East Coast for our GroundUp Music Festival in Miami! Check 'em out. Tickets here.

Posted January 3, 2017

Live At Union Chapel is Available NOW!

Bill Laurance's CD/DVD "Union Chapel" is available now on iTunesAmazon, and you can grab copy the physical at our store! 

Posted November 11, 2016

Hang with Snarky Puppy At The Havana Jazz Plaza Festival!

Hang out with Snarky Puppy this December at the Havana Jazz Plaza Festival! A trip to Cuba, music from Chucho ValdesRoberto FonsecaTerence BlanchardChristian McBrideArturo O'Farrill and Fatoumata Diawara, a meet-n-greet with us, and much more. Get the whole package right here!

Posted November 2, 2016

David Crosby's "Lighthouse" is Available Everywhere!

On October 21st, David Crosby released his brand new album "Lighthouse". David worked with a few great singer/songwriters on this album including, Michael League, Michelle Willis and Becca Stevens. "Lighthouse" was produced by Michael League.

Purchase can be made here:

CD/Vinyl on Amazon
Colored Vinyl on Barnes & Noble
Download on iTunes
CD at the GroundUp store

Posted October 27, 2016

The Premier of Bill Laurance's "Swift" Video

JazzTimes premiered Bill Laurance's new video for "Swift" last week! Click here to check it out! If you preorder Union Chapel on iTunes you'll receive the song instantly! You can also preorder Union Chapel on Amazon & at our Store!

Posted October 25, 2016

Maz "Idealist" is Available NOW!

Maz's "Idealist" is officially here and available on iTunes, Amazon, & physically

Posted October 14, 2016

Maz Announces Fall Tour

Maz officially announced his upcoming Fall Tour and Album Release Party! "Idealist" will be available worldwide on October 14th, but he will have physical copies available at the Album Release Party at Club Bonafide on October 8th! Grab your tickets here.

Posted September 28, 2016

Roosevelt Collier's Philly Get Down feat. Michael League at The Ardmore Music Hall

October 20th at The Ardmore Music Hall: Roosevelt Collier's Philly Get Down feat. Michael League, Mike Greenfield (Lotus), and Rob Compa/Eli Winderman (Dopapod) with Johnny Showcase opening!

For tickets and more info, click here!

Posted September 21, 2016

NY Times Fall Preview featuring "Lighthouse"

The NY Times Fall preview features a great write-up on David Crosby's Lighthouse.

"Lighthouse” is an interior but proudly restless statement, a mostly acoustic singer-songwriter album that bathes Mr. Crosby’s voice and guitar in a warm, clear light.

Click here for the full list and more on Lighthouse.

Preorder "Lighthouse" here.

Posted September 20th, 2016

"Take 5 with Michael League..."

Bryon Bay Bluefest sat down with Michael League of Snarky Puppy and discovered his 5 biggest music influences! 

I don’t have a car, but the song I’m listening to the most right now at home is a song called ‘Dying Star’ from Maz’s ‘Idealist’ record. He’s actually a member in Snarky Puppy, but he has a vocal project as well and a beautiful record out October 14th.

Click here to read more!

Posted September 19th, 2016

Charlie Hunter live at Drom NYC

Charlie Hunter will be live at Drom NYC on September 17th with the quartet of Bobby PreviteKirk Knuffke, and Curtis Sonny Fowlkes! Vernon Reid and Charlie will be talking music, interviewing each other, and jamming out. Hosted by GroundUP Music- Hope to see you there!

Posted September 12, 2016

New House Of Waters Tee available!

Click here to buy now!

Posted September 6, 2016

'Aftersun' Video

Bill Laurance's video for 'Aftersun' is finally here and it's beautiful! Click here to check it out. 

Digital purchase of 'Aftersun'
Physical purchase of 'Aftersun'

Posted September 1, 2016

NPR Music Premieres "The City"

NPR Music premiered David Crosby's new record , "The City", and did an amazing review.

When those rich layers of complex vocal harmony kick in, all the lush, luminous qualities that can make the city so seductive are instantly underlined.

Listen & read the article. 

Pre-Order "Lighthouse".

Posted August 25, 2016

House Of Waters release their debut album!

It's been a long time coming, but House Of Waters finally released their beautiful creation out into the world! 

"House Of Waters" is available, digitally, physically, and through Amazon. Enjoy!

Posted August 22, 2016

David Crosby sits down with The New York Times

David Crosby had a chat with The New York Times about life and recording his new album ‪#‎Lighthouse‬. Read, watch, and listen here.

Posted August 22, 2016

Charlie Hunter interviewed at Montreal Jazz Fest

The Guitar Channel interviewed Charlie Hunter, at the Montreal Jazz Festival just before his set. Check it out here at

Posted July 10, 2016

Cory Henry featured in VILLAGE VOICE

Richard Gehr at NYC's The Village Voice just did a write-up on Cory Henry and the Funky Apostles! From the article:

If George Duke and Bernie Worrell have an heir, it's this young and playfully funkified virtuoso, who's been playing gospel in church since he was four.

Check out the article here at

Posted June 15, 2016


"Deep in the heart of Texas they grow the funk pure and rich with an ancient group of ingredients of which the Funky Knucles wrote the cook book” - Dallas Morning Star. The new album from The Funky Knuckles, New Birth is available this Friday, June 10! Pre-order the CD today!

Posted June 8 2016

Michelle Willis's See Us Through AVAILABLE NOW

"See Us Through was written over the course of six years. Each song deals with attempting to get to the other side of whatever I was in. Often that meant making a decision or speaking up, or just holding tight and not being afraid to stay the course. Each of these things required an action I was often afraid to make. These songs were my encouragement to myself, an extra tug to keep trying, to aim for it. The music was never written with an album in mind, but when it all came together as one project the pieces all seemed to fit. Sonically, it features warm, dark and rich tones from the band, primarily made up of Thom Gill (guitar), Hugh Marsh (violin), Charles James (bass), and Phil Melanson (drums), with many featured guests and singers. It’s almost a jazz, soul, and hymn-like approach to the songwriting structure, with a heavy dose of lead and background vocals intertwined throughout, because… why not more vocals?" - Michelle Willis


Posted June 4, 2016

GroundUP Music Sampler FREE Download

Get your FREE copy of the GroundUP Music Summer 2016 Sampler, featuring entire the GroundUP Music Family. Tracklist:

  • Snarky Puppy - Grown Folks
  • Bill Laurance - Soti
  • Cory Henry - All In Love is Fair
  • Michelle Willis - It'll Rain Today
  • The Funky Knuckles - Arise
  • Lucy Woodward - Be My Husband
  • Charlie Hunter - No Money, No Honey
  • House Of Waters - Hamza
  • FORQ - Lymaks
  • Maz - Make Me Say
  • Banda Magda - El Pescador
  • Snarky Puppy (feat Salif Keita, Carlos Malta, and Bernardo Aguiar) - Soro (Afriki)

Use the code RJD1UW8V01KZ at checkout to download it for free!

Posted June 3, 2016 at 3:32pm

Culcha Vulca Official Trailer

The Brand New Studio Album From Snarky Puppy is Available Now

Posted June 1, 2016

Bill Laurance Chats With Ken Navarro

Bill Laurance chats with Ken Navarro about "Aftersun", previous records, being on the road with Snarky Puppy and more! Check it out below!

Posted June 2, 2016 at 1:41am

Snarky Puppy - Original Song Contest

Snarky Puppy wants to hear your original songs using samples from the song "Tarova" off their latest album Culcha Vulcha. We've provided a sampling of one shots and loops as well as a download of the full, extensive sample pack for you to rework in your own unique track. Snarky wants to hear all styles of music and with the wide ranging sounds available in this high quality sample collection, the possibilities are endless. Show us your best work!

One grand prize winner receives the following:

  • $500
  • An Official release of the Winning Remix on
  • A feature of the Winning Remix on all of Snarky Puppy’s social media properties
  • A Snarky Puppy Deluxe Merch Bundle
  • An hour long Skype session with Michael League
  • A Skype session with another member of Snarky Puppy of the Winner’s choosing
  • Fifty percent of the royalties received from any future licensing placements

Download the samples and read more here

Posted May 23, 2015 at 6:20pm


We need your help spreading the word. Covert operations in the name of music, community and love. Apply with Jamie and prepare for your mission.

We want YOU as our newest recruit.

Posted May 9, 2016 at 10:13pm

Cory Henry Live on Relix & THE REVIVAL EUROPE TOUR

Relix Magazine has an exclusive new video featuring our own Cory Henry playing Lord Give Me A Sign live in their own studio. Catch him on The Revival Europe Tour, starting May 12 in Dublin, Ireland.

Posted May 9, 2016 at 6:12pm

Pups featured in Guitar Player Magazine

Michael Ross of Guitar Player Magazine recently sat down with Bob Lanzetti, Chris McQueen, and Mark Lettieri of Snarky Puppy. Check out the article here, where the guys talk listening, gear, and the dynamics of a sometimes three-guitarist band.

Posted April 18, 2016 at 6:12pm

NPR's take on Cory Henry's The Revival

National Public Radio's Michelle Mercer reviewed Cory Henry's The Revival (Available Now!) on All Things Considered. From the transcript:

The Hammond's emotive swells involve some complex manipulation. Players create sound at the keyboards using a spaceship's worth of job draw bars, buttons and pedals. Now in his 20s, Henry can glide through just about any gospel song on the Hammond with the ease of someone taking the family car out for a Sunday drive."

Posted April 17, 2016 at 5:44pm


Three members of the GRAMMY-winning collective Snarky Puppy — bandleader Michael League, keyboardist Bill Laurance, and drummer Robert “Sput” Searight — took a moment from their busy SXSW schedule to talk to GRAMMY Pro about their genre-defying music. The trio spoke about their GRAMMY-winning collaboration with the Metropole Orkest, the second installment in the Family Dinner series, and their latest studio album, Culcha Vulcha.

Posted April 15, 2016 at 3:44pm


GroundUP Music recording artist Lucy Woodward jumps on the Snarky train for five nights this spring. Come and hear her sing! Not near? No fear - Lucy’s GroundUP Debut might be the soundtrack to your summer.

Posted April 12, 2016 at 8:17pm

Hello Culcha Vulcha - Fare Thee Well, Chadwick

This Sunday at 10pm GMT you can hear the very first play of Snarky Puppy’s new album Culcha Vulcha (due out April 29) and also tune into legendary UK radio man Mike Chadwick sign off on his last show on Jazz FM. Click here to listen live!

Pre-order the physical edition or the digital (iTunes) edition of Culcha Vulcha today.

Posted March 24, 2016 at 9:00pm

Sylva nominated for JazzFM Album of The Year

Congratulations Snarky Puppy! The band is nominated for Album of the Year at the JazzFM Awards! 

Tune in live on April 26th to support the pups and don't forget to cast your vote here.

Posted February 24, 2016 at 1:52pm

Charlie Hunter LIVE IN NYC

NYC! Don't miss master guitarist and Family Dinner, Volume Two guest Charlie Hunter at Rockwood Music Hall March 17th-19th. Tickets available here!

Catch him live performing with your favorite drummers: March 17th with Bobby Previte, 18th with Louis Cato, and the 19th with Adam Cruz.

Posted February 20, 2016 at 7:45pm

Crosby and League in Rolling Stone

Hear David Crosby's Tender New Ballad With Snarky Puppy:

"It has the beautiful, simple, poetic lyricism that I love about David's writing. And most of all, the song and the performance itself are so vulnerable. ...Many artists fight against this as they age, but Crosby has embraced it. In my opinion, he's writing the best music of his entire life right now."

Via Rolling Stone

Posted February 14, 2016 at 2:06am

Snarky Puppy: A House Built on Solid Funk

Snarky Puppy has been featured in this article in the New York Times. From the article:

"Sometimes it's ‘Oh, my dad told me about you,' and sometimes it's ‘Oh, my son told me about you,'" he said. "It's funny. And you know, jazz, jam band, fusion: I don't know where we are. But because the band has such a rapport — from 12 years of touring, over 1,200 concerts, 11 albums — our mix of styles doesn't sound disparate. It just sounds like Snarky Puppy."

Keep reading here

Posted February 14, 2016 at 1:55am

Bill Laurance chases Aftersun

Aftersun, Bill Laurance's third solo record will be released March 4th! It's up for pre-order now, and when you get it on iTunes you will instantly get "Soti".Preorder the digital version, or reserve your physical copy here.

Posted February 14, 2016 at 1:55am

Cory Henry's Revival

The Revival is officially up for pre-order! The record won't be released until 3/18, but you can pre-order it on iTunes and instantly get "NaaNaaNaa". Or, pre-order the physical copy here.

Posted February 14, 2016 at 1:55am

Family Dinner 2 Out Now!

Following up the Grammy winning Family Dinner Vol. 1, Snarky Puppy released their anticapted follow up record Family Dinner Vol. 2 this week! Get it now digitally or physically

Posted February 13, 2016 at 5:54pm

Grammy Fever!

Sylva, Snarky Puppy's album from 2015 is up for "Best Contemporary Instrumental" Album at the Grammy's this Monday! Tune into the pre-show to support the pups, or follow us on social media... we will be sure to blast it out.

Posted February 13, 2016 at 3:22pm

Marcelo Woloski's Kickstarter: Mundo por conocer - My debut album!

Long-time Snarky Puppy percussionist sideman Marcelo Woloski has launched a kickstarter to fund his debut album-- check it out, and contribute to this oh-so-worthy cause here.

From the Kickstarter:

My debut album features my original music, over 25 amazing musicians and lots of percussion! Please help me make this dream come true!

Posted February 11, 2016 at 5:42pm

Red Eyed Sinatra LIVE

Snarky Puppy's own Bob Lanzetti has some upcoming shows as part of the amazing Red Eyed Sinatra! If you're in New York City (2/19) or Bethesda, Maryland (2/24) come check it out!

Click here for tickets to the New York show, or here for tickets to the show in Bethesda.

Red Eyed Sinatra also features Steve Jenkins on bass and Devin Collins on drums.

Posted February 9th, 2016 at 1:19pm

Chromatik Sessions features Snarky Puppy

Michael League of Snarky Puppy sat down with Chromatik to talk about music, his music education and perspective on it, and much more! Listen here:

Posted January 6th, 2015 at 4:19pm

Family Dinner Two - SCREENINGS

Snarky Puppy is finally coming to the big screen in uncompressed 24-bit 48kHz 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and in a 4K resolution. We've hand-picked theaters that have a great vibe and that have been held to the highest technical standards so the recording can be seen and heard exactly as it was intended in the studio. Special appearances from Directors Michael League and Andy LaViolette, surprise guest artists, and other members of the band will be at select locations. Tell your friends!

Posted December 21, 2015 at 1:03 pm


Cory Henry takes a nostalgic journey back to his home church with "The Revival: Live Recording"--an ode to musical greats who have influenced the sound of music over the decades, and a professional snapshot of Cory's discography. This record commemorates icons and the "NY Sound" founding fathers. This project features the organ, Henry's first instrument, which has a rich tradition spanning from the 1940s. Noting that it doesn't get as much recognition today, Cory wants the audience to not only experience the organ from a gospel perspective, but to appreciate its contribution to music in general.

Posted December 21, 2015 at 1:00 pm


Aftersun shines on Ground UP Music this spring as the Grammy Award winning pianist brings his 3rd recording to life. For the third instalment, the music is filtered down to its roots featuring the original trio of Snarky Puppy's own Michael League and Robert Sput Searight with legendary New Orleans percussionist Weedie Braihma. Dance and African Percussion at its heart, the album combines deep world grooves with Laurance's signature genre bending exploration.

Posted December 21, 2015 at 12:57pm


Snarky collaborator and GroundUP artist Michelle Willis heads west to Ontario on October 15th for Folk Music Ontario. If you're anywhere near make sure to say hey.

Posted September 29th, 2015 at 3:20pm


Snarky keyboard all-star Cory Henry packs up his Funk Apostles and takes them over to Europe for the month of November on a people's instinctive travel through funk and rhythm. Get your Tickets here:

Posted September 17th, 2015 at 7:33pm


Thanks to our partners at we have a litany of live Snarky Puppy shows fresh off their first leg of Word Tour 2015. The band is absolutely on fire, burning down the house nightly. Check for yourself - get some Austin, Atlanta, New Orleans and more.

Posted September 14th, 2015 at 3:18pm

Ase Me Na Bo: "Your gaze is glass, turquoise porcelain..."

Banda Magda shares a rough mix of Ase Me Na Bo with lyrics, an English translation, and videos from the session. Keep your eyes on us for more TIGRE updates!

Posted September 8th, 2015 at 3:29pm

CORY HENRY & THE FUNK APOSTLES at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club

Tonight in the DMV! Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles plus Philip Lassiter and PJ Morgan at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club. Can't make it? Check the upcoming tour dates:

Posted September 8th, 2015 at 3:18pm

Larnell Lewis & Promark's REBOUND

See what drummer Larnell Lewis Music (Snarky Puppy) does with Promark's Rebound sticks in this new video.

Posted September 7th at 8:28pm

Banda Magda: TIGRE

Banda Magda has been busy busy touring and traveling the world this summer. We are anxiously awaiting their next album, Tigre, and would like to invite you to be a part of it.

Banda Magda on

Posted September 4, 2015 at 12:45pm

Michael League's Gateway Drugs

Snarky Puppy's Michael League compiled a playlist of gateway drugs that led him to really love - dare I say, get addicted to - adventurous music, like jazz. Administer auditorily. No lethal dose, but beware of strong effects.

Posted August 27th, 2015, at 12:30pm

Snarky Puppy WORLD TOUR 2015

Snarky Puppy World Tour 2015 Dates Announced! Check them out here.

Posted August 15th, 2015 at 12:36pm


Brooklyn Comes Alive on September 26 with an illustrious lineup of all star musicians who will take over the borough from about noon to 4am a la Frenchman Street in New Orleans. For more information and tickets, click here.

Posted August 7th, 2015


The Ultimate Bass Camp sounds like a super badass name for what will probably be a super badass few days with Michael League Plays Music. Take your summer (and your bass skills) to 11 by registering today.

PS: Ultimate Drum Camp is also a thing. Music education for the win!

Posted August 7th, 2015

Brooklyn Bowl 2015 featuring Chris Bullock & friends

Get on up to Brooklyn Bowl on Tuesday, August 18 for a night of soulful blues. This horn section is blazing: Chris Bullock on sax, Natalie Cressman Music on trombone and vocals, and Jennifer Hartswick on trumpet (aka "turmpet") and vocals. Elise Testone, who wowed crowds at the James Brown Dance Party, celebrates B.B. King this time around.

Posted August 14th, 2015, at 4:48pm

Join Us In Celebrating The Life Of Eric Hartman

Please join us in celebrating Eric Hartman at a Benefit Concert in his honor at Dallas's Granada Theater on August 25. He was a beloved member of the Snarky Puppy family and is sorely missed. Performances by David Crosby, Snarky Puppy, Becca Stevens, The Funky Knuckles, Shaun Martin, and more. Tickets available now.

Posted July 27th, 2015

The Tour de Philthy. Coming to a city near you in September.

Philip Lassiter, master trumpeter and bandleader, recently announced his Tour de Philthy. This man is funky, fresh, and always in good musical company. Get on up to Villain & Saint, The Sutler, Flying Saucer Memphis, Natasha's Bistro & Bar, or Aisle 5 in September to join the party.

Listen to his most recent release, DreamZzz, here:

Posted August 2nd, 2015

Ghost Note 2015 Summer Tour

Hey Snarky Puppy fans,
Robert Sput Searight and Nate Werth are on tour debuting their new side project, Ghost-Note. World renowned for their artistic communication through rhythm, this dynamic duo expands their percussive voice into a night of melody through innovative grooves and captivating artistry. Joining them on stage are Nick Werth (Xylo-synth), Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II (Sax), and A.j. Brown(bass). This is a night of music you don't want to miss. Check their tour schedule for details and don't forget to follow them for updates.

Posted August 4th, 2015

Bill Laurance Project - St Georges Church

Live vicariously through Brighton's Finest's review of the Bill Laurance Project - Check it out.

From the review:

The whole band seemed to be at one with their music, and their enjoyment in playing was so obvious. Throughout the show, the audience where amazed by the impeccable quality of the sound and ingenuity of the band. They managed to blend multiple genres into their loose Jazz Fusion format, making for an impressive and memorable concert that never dulled, and left the entire audience in gleeful adulation as they stood applauding in ovation, knowing they had witnessed masters of their craft producing exceptional music.

Posted July 30th, 2015

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