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Lee Pardini Releases New Single "ETA"

GroundUP Music is proud to announce the next single from artist, Lee Pardini. Lee is the keyboardist in Dawes and releasing his first solo record on GroundUP Music on February 12, 2021. Enjoy his new single "ETA," out now.

"This is a tribute to ETA, a bar/restaurant/live music venue in Highland Park, LA CA. ETA, the venue, represents a space for creative freedom and collaboration with some of the deepest improvisers in the scene. ETA, the song, is a vehicle for different players to have their voices heard. A simple ostinato in the bass provides the framework for the musicians to pass around solos and meditate on a groove." (Lee Pardini)

Watch the full live trio video here.

Snarky Puppy Donates 50% of LiveSnarky Profits to Crew

In honor of Snarky Puppy's Grammy-nominated “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” we wanted to give back to the team behind the scenes who made the magic of that night possible. From now until March 14th, 50% of all proceeds from LiveSnarky.com will go directly to the Snarky Puppy Crew.

During this time, we will release special playlists of live Snarky Puppy performances curated by the crew, band members, and other members of the Snarky Puppy family. The playlists that are currently available for purchase are from: 

  • Snarky Puppy Crew
  • Mike "Maz" Maher
  • GroundUP Music Staff
  • Jason "JT" Thomas
  • Marcelo Woloski
  • Chris Bullock

Additionally, all purchases made during this time will receive an MP3 download of GroundUP Music's 2021 Grammy-nominated artists, including:
"Live at the Royal Albert Hall" - Snarky Puppy (Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)
"WONDERBLOOM" - Becca Stevens (featuring “Slow Burn” nominated for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals)

Becca Stevens “Never Mine” Music Video

Becca Stevens - "I wrote “Never Mine” with Kaveh Rastegar, who also plays bass on the recording. The lyric and the melody feel rooted in Irish/Appalachian roots, painting a hazy daydream lost in longing for something that’s not yours to claim. The music video for “Never Mine” was filmed on 9/23/20 by Jep Jorba in a single shot at the town bar of Els Prats de Rei, Catalonia. We filmed the video at 3x slower than normal speed (making for 14 minute takes). I slowed down all my mannerisms by timing my breaths, to make my cadence look “normal” when sped back up. The scene is dressed with Prats locals who came by to support, along with Mike League (of Snarky Puppy), Nic Hard (WONDERBLOOM co-producer & mixing engineer), and my husband Nathan Schram who were all in town working on a project at Mike League’s home studio." 

Watch the full video here

Snarky Puppy - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2020 vs 2019)

The Grammy nomination of Snarky Puppy's Live at the Royal Albert Hall has sparked a desire for us to bring awareness to the current state of touring crews, venues and show our gratitude at a time when there isn’t nearly enough being done for them, governmentally or otherwise. We wanted to highlight these issues and take the opportunity to showcase the pure beauty of Royal Albert Hall by asking our favorite Londoner, Bill Laurance, to play “Shofukan” by himself, alone at the piano in this incredible room and contrast that with the energy of the sold-out venue just over a year ago.

Watch the full video here.

GroundUP Music's 2021 GRAMMY-nominated artists

GroundUP Music is proud to represent 2021 Grammy-nominated artists Snarky Puppy & Becca Stevens! 

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album: Snarky Puppy, Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals: Becca Stevens, "Slow Burn"

In 2016, musicians from around the world competed in a contest to create an original piece using samples from Tarova, off of Culcha Vulcha, with top prizes of $500 and more. Check out the best of the best below.

Grand Prize



From Brooklyn, USA | Visit Profile
1st Runner-Up

Tarova (Quick Remix)

by 0db

From Marseille, France | Visit Profile
2nd Runner-Up

Tarova (Karol Obara Version)

by 24dBFS

From Stuttgart, Germany | Visit Profile

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