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Chris Bullock & Justin Stanton Release New Single, “Macuna”

Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton have released their new single “Macuna” — a heartfelt ode to the neighborhood of Botafogo, inspired by the late nights on the streets, decompressing after late-night studio sessions. One club in particular lends its name to this song - Macuna is a hub for showcasing the spirit and vibrancy of Carioca music culture, allowing them to play with several young and gifted musicians from Rio performing on this record. This song masterfully captures the spirit and energy of the lively city.

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Becca Stevens Releases New Single, "Now Feels Bigger than the Past"

Get ready to be captivated by Becca Stevens' latest single, “Now Feels Bigger than the Past." This track takes us on a heartfelt journey, reflecting on impermanence and the power of forgiveness, all while navigating the ups and downs of being an artist in the streaming era. As a sneak peek into her upcoming acoustic album, Maple to Paper, Stevens masterfully explores themes of loss, acceptance, and raw, emotional authenticity.

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Tatiana Eva-Marie Releases New Album, 'Djangology'

Tatiana Eva-Marie's new album, Djangology, reimagines Django Reinhardt's music with her lyrics. Growing up in jazz Manouche circles, Tatiana found fitting in as a singer among guitarists challenging. She wrote her lyrics to participate in the Django repertoire, reinventing his music. Djangology focuses on Django as a composer, asking, “What if Django had composed his music for me to sing?” Her lyrics, in English, French, Romanian, and Rromanes, are a tribute to Django and a love letter to Paris, blending humor, poetry, and personal reflections. Listen now on all streaming platforms!

Lucy Woodward Releases New Single "Love Me Tender"

Lucy Woodward & The Rocketeers recorded their cover of Elvis Presley's classic “Love Me Tender" in one take. It was the only way to ensure that the blend of the reed instruments and Lucy’s voice could meld into one breathing organism. "We performed this in one room," Lucy said, "to be able to connect to each other’s air and feel. Almost like we had recorded it in one single breath, and that was beautiful to experience."

Snarky Puppy Release 'Sylva (Remixed & Remastered)

Snarky Puppy, along with the Metropole Orkest, have re-released their acclaimed album, Sylva, re-mixed by Nic Hard and re-mastered by Dave McNair, along with a new 12" vinyl edition featuring updated artwork. Two additional alternate takes of “The Clearing” & “The Curtain." Originally released by Impulse!, this re-release celebrates GroundUP Music reclaiming the original masters. This marks Snarky Puppy's first release since their 2022 GRAMMY-winning album Empire Central.


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