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Read/McQueen Releases First Single from Upcoming Self-Titled Album

The first single off of Read/McQueen's upcoming self-titled album, "Flow," is a perfect encapsulation of the duo's style, lying somewhere between jazz, folk and cinematic music. Matt Read and Chris McQueen get their chance to improvise, each over a different section of the song, which keeps the momentum going throughout the piece. Listen to the new single, available now. 

Michael League's Debut Music Video, "Right Where I Fall"

Michael League has released the first single off of his debut solo album with an accompanying music video. "Right Where I Fall" is available worldwide and his album, So Many Me, is available for pre-order (digital and physical), to be released in June 2021.

Michael League - "I wanted to capture, as best I could, the feeling that we all experience when our problems overcome us. Whether it's anxiety, stress, or an external issue, in these moments we have the sensation that everything is at least slightly out of place, slowly spiraling out of control until we lose the capacity to engage with life in a healthy and level way. The Catalan film team and I tried to create a surreal environment inspired by artists from the region (Dalí especially) in order to represent our mental state in moments of extreme difficulty."

Mark Lettieri Releases New Album, "Deep: The Baritone Sessions, Vol. 2"

Created during the pandemic, Mark Lettieri's new album is a triumph of ingenuity built upon Lettieri's life-long love fo funk and rock. The album features Steve Lukather, Philip Lassiter, Shaun Martin, Daric Bennett, Robert Sput Searight, Justin Stanton, Nate Smith, Bobby Sparks, Jason "JT" Thomas, Travis Toy, Keith Anderson,TaRon LockettFrédéric Yonnet and Braylon Lacy

With Deep, Vol. 2, Lettieri takes it to a whole other depth with some irresistible pocket playing and low end lines that resonate in your gut. Of the album, he says, "If I can't blow your speakers, I didn't try hard enough."

Malika Tirolien Releases Live Performance Video for "DREAMIN'"

Malika Tirolien has released a live performance video of her song "DREAMIN'" from her recent album, HIGHER. Malika is joined by Nadia Baldé, Nancy Dassas, Jean-Michel Frédéric, Mark Haynes, Philippe Lallier, and Raynal Ismeus in this live video that was shot at Studio Base Bin in Montreal. 

Malika Tirolien - "To change the world, you have to dream it first."

Becca Stevens Releases "Halfway" Music Video

Becca Stevens celebrates 1-year anniversary of Wonderbloom, with the release of a music video for the song "Halfway."

Becca Stevens - "This music video was directed and filmed by Jep Jorba at Konvent in Berga, Catalonia and features dance performances by Helena Gispert and Shorlady Preciado. I met Shorlady Preciado on set for “Halfway” and felt that she could not have been a more perfect counterpart to Helena. Shorlady carries an intoxicating yet deeply grounded feeling in her dancing. Both of these amazing women were very supportive of me on set as well, helping me to figure out how to move through an unfamiliar space while finding the light in my movements."

In 2016, musicians from around the world competed in a contest to create an original piece using samples from Tarova, off of Culcha Vulcha, with top prizes of $500 and more. Check out the best of the best below.

Grand Prize



From Brooklyn, USA | Visit Profile
1st Runner-Up

Tarova (Quick Remix)

by 0db

From Marseille, France | Visit Profile
2nd Runner-Up

Tarova (Karol Obara Version)

by 24dBFS

From Stuttgart, Germany | Visit Profile

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