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It is with great pride GroundUP Music presents Becca Stevens'



We are so extremely excited to share this release with you 

Snarky Puppy Live from Royal Albert Hall

Snarky Puppy ’s new live single, “Bad Kids to the Back,” is available now on all digital and streaming platforms. Their new record “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” will be released worldwide on March 13th. You can pre-order the exclusive fan versions of their double CD and triple vinyl (only on Snarky Puppy website) now!
Link to listen to the single here
Preorder here

GroundupMusic Festival 2020 - Lineup announced!

The moment you've all been waiting for: the lineup for GroundUp Music Festival 2020! See you in Miami Beach! #GUMFest2020

Tickets + hotels on sale now: www.groundupmusicfestival.com

Bonus Track, "Chrysalis," Available Now

"Chrysalis," the second bonus track from "Immigrance" is out today!

Listen here: https://orcd.co/chrysalis
Bob Reynolds - ”Chrysalis” was born out of frustration. In the weeks leading up to recording Immigrance, I was trying to write a song to contribute. It wasn't going well. The day before leaving I still had nothing I liked.

In the same weeks all this "writing" was going on, my kids were tending to a butterfly garden in our backyard. If you've never seen one (I hadn't), it's incredible. You watch caterpillars become butterflies in the span of a couple of weeks.

But the most magical part of the transformation is invisible to the outside world. It occurs inside a hard skin called a chrysalis.

It seemed an appropriate metaphor for the experience of composing music. Lots of internal work the world never sees and at the end, if you're lucky, a song emerges. The contrasting sections and modulations in "Chrysalis" reminded me of that metamorphosis. My own as well as the butterflies.

P.S. We released our butterflies the same day I wrote the song.

Sirintip Release "Shut It Up (JackLNDN Remix)

Discover Sirintip's "Shut It Up" remixed by DJ and producer jackLNDN.

Listen here!

In 2016, musicians from around the world competed in a contest to create an original piece using samples from Tarova, off of Culcha Vulcha, with top prizes of $500 and more. Check out the best of the best below.

Grand Prize



From Brooklyn, USA | Visit Profile
1st Runner-Up

Tarova (Quick Remix)

by 0db

From Marseille, France | Visit Profile
2nd Runner-Up

Tarova (Karol Obara Version)

by 24dBFS

From Stuttgart, Germany | Visit Profile

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